Eco Friendly Gifts Wrapping

People think that governments should put a ban on the production of plastic. And only this can reduce the use of plastic, but there should be a collective effort by both the governments and citizens. Companies manufacture things made of plastic owing to their demand in the market. If people decrease the use of plastic. Then the supply of it can automatically decrease because of a reduction in the demand for plastic.

We cannot deny the fact that plastic is more durable than other materials, and that is the reason they started using plastic for many things. It is waterproof while materials like iron, wood, etc. can be damaged by water and is light, while other materials can be heavier than this.

Therefore, we cannot completely ban the use of plastic, but we can limit its use for important things. And the plastic in these things should be reused. 

People like to wrap the gifts when they want to give surprises to their loved ones or when they want to make it look more attractive.

Wrapped gifts are given on every festival or occasion, which seems to have become a part of rituals, and this is a sign of good etiquette.

However, using plastic wrappers specially made for this purpose is just an unnecessary use of plastic as there are many other ways by which one can wrap the gift. And some of them are mentioned below. 

Using clothes 

Clothes with a glossy shine and embroidered or printed designs can be used for wrapping gifts. Thick clothes should be used for this purpose, and for perishable gifts that can be broken easily like those made of glass or clay, you can use a double layer of cloth. Y’all can do the packing of personalized beer mugs that you have ordered online with the help of a double or triple layer of thick cloth. You can wrap the present in the same manner; you wrap using paper and fabric glue should be used. 

Using paper

Instead of using plastic, one can decorate the gift using recycled paper. One can even reuse the paper present in one’s homes having a beautiful print on it, and it is alright if the old paper is crumbled as there is the trend of using crumbled paper. The packed gift can be tied using rope in place of plastic ribbons. For making it more attractive, one can even attach a flower of color, which suits the color of the paper. For example, if it is a white, off white or creamy white paper. Then a rose of red color can go with it. 

Reusing plastic containers 

We get many things in plastic containers on a regular basis. So we should make use of them in order to save your money. You should clean these containers properly after removing labels and then paint them using spray paints. Spray paints are easy to use, which you can buy online as there are many available for use on plastic surfaces. A coat of primer can be applied before painting so that paint sticks to the surface. Painting can be done using stencils or painter’s tape to make any special design. You should be careful while doing this as paint can spill. You should better wear old clothes and cover your hands. In this way. You would be able to make packing for personalized lamps online that you have ordered for your uncle.

Reusing cardboard boxes 

We get many things packed in cardboard boxes, and we can reuse them to cover the gifts by painting them. These boxes are hard. Therefore things remain safe in them, and these can be used for products of any size. After painting. You can stick natural flowers or colorful leaves on them in order to make them more beautiful as these things are biodegradable.  

These kinds of can save money, and this can also help improve one’s creativity skills. They can even get them wrapped in an eco-friendly way from the store from where they are ordering the gifts. Manufacturers do unnecessary packing of things to attract more customers. Is there any benefit to this kind of packing to customers? They have to pay extra for this packing. Which they can save by taking their own grocery bags in the market. 

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