Why Promotional Pens are a Perfect Giveaway for Your Business

Marketing is crucial for all sizes and types of businesses but not all companies have the budget to embark upon flashy advertisement campaigns. However, there are other ways for small companies to spread the word about their business and brand in the market. Living in a digital world where social media is dominating our lives, online marketing is the first thing that comes to our mind when we seek cost-effective but productive marketing strategies.

Due to this digitally influenced thinking, we greatly ignore the importance of promotional products and miss out on a great opportunity to market our brand. The statistics tell that 8 out of 10 US consumers own multiple promotional products, 6 out of them keep the products for up to 2 years, 85% of these users do business with the advertising companies, and 63% pass on the promotional items to others instead of disposing of them.

In light of these attractive stats about the effectiveness of promotional products. Marketing gurus highly recommended that businesses keep promotional products in their overall marketing strategy. Selecting a promotional item that can be effectively used as a promotional item without breaking their bank accounts is a tough decision for small businesses. The spot-on choice in this scenario will be promotional pens.

Tote bags, mugs, calendars, and caps are all fantastic items to promote your business but pens are classic and there are many reasons to use them as your promotional products. Few of the main reasons to select pens as your marketing tool are listed in the article.

Economic choice

Pens are economic to buy in bulk. You can acquire 500 custom pens with logos printed on them within 300$ to 600$ from any online store. When compared, then it is even cheaper than the cost of direct mailings. You can easily select a pen that will serve the purpose without burning a hole in your small budget. However, if you have little more in your bank account set aside for marketing purposes then you can opt for a pen that has a touchscreen stylus attached to it. Such a pen will not only be an economical choice but will also suit the tech-savvy world of today.


Unlike other promotional items, that do not have more than one or two styles. Pens come in a plethora of styles, quality, and rates. The cost of pens depends mainly on the quality so the first factor that you consider while choosing a pen as your promotional item is your budget. However, there is a wide variety of pens that fall under the same price range. You can easily select one that matches your brand. And align with the target customers as well so they can get attached to it.

For instance, if your product is targeted at children then your promotional pens should be fancy pencils or pens with figurines. Likewise, if your brand sells an eco-friendly product then most of your customers will be environmentalists so you should be using printed recycled pens for your promotional activities. Luxury metal pens can be customized with engravings to present to business associates.

More visible to more audience

Pens are one of the things that tend to become a personal item for users. Some people become quite enamored with pens if they suit their style. In this case, people use only their favorite pens to do the written tasks in both public and private. These pens travel with their owners in briefcases, laptop bags, and pockets. If your logo is inscribed on these pens then it will create a continuous reminder of your brand to people. Pens tend to be passed around in offices and schools. Another way to be visible to more people in less time and the least budget. If chosen cleverly according to your target market then your promotional pens can become your advertisements on legs.

High impact

Pens can make a strong impact. While a pen with a funny figure can make your young customers happy and smiling. A metal business pen to C-level executive officers can send a serious professional message. Luxury pens carry their weight when they are used in boardrooms. Therefore, it is recommended to go for quality metal business pens if you are giving them as a souvenir to business executives. A glance at your custom branded executive pens reveals the elegance and professionalism of your business. This is the most economic yet most effective way to connect to your elite clientele and business partners.

Establishing the fact that pens can be the perfect giveaway to promote your business. It is important to understand that if your pens are not well-customized. Then your investment will not be able to make the desired impact. Therefore, it is recommended to do market research and find a wholesaler who can provide the best services to customize pens that you are purchasing from them for your business promotion.