Wi-Fi Range Extender

The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus has most of us working and studying from home, and as a result, a lot of us are increasing the Wi-Fi network of our home to the limit. And, since you’ve been trying to set up a home office a little too far from your router, then you’ve probably learned the hard way that it can be a real pain in dead zones. Fortunately, it can help with a decent Wi-Fi range extender.

By absorbing the wireless signal from your router and re-amplifying it further out in your house, the best Wi-Fi range extenders give your network a boost. They are easy to operate: just pick a good spot, plug it in, and to sync it with your router, press the WPS button. In most situations, in order to function, your wireless range extender doesn’t have to be the same brand as your router’s. There are plenty of choices that are both affordable and solid.

How To Setup Wi-fi Range Extenders:

Wi-fi range extenders allow us to maintain a secure link between the desktop, laptop and mobile phones. Wi-Fi range extenders can assist you in supplying wi-fi on any corner of your home at extended range.

In two modes, you can use Wi-Fi Extenders; the first is Extender mode and the second is Direct mode. To mount the Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender in Direct Mode, follow the steps below:

1. Firstly, Plug in your extender.

2. Link your mobile phone to the Extender Network.

3. Open your web browser (Google Chrome) and link to www.mywifiext.net.

4. Select a new extender setup. Fill in the specifics needed.

5. The Genie setup page is now available. From the available choices, such as private, home network or public, pick the network form and fill in the necessary information.

6. Now, you’re all prepared for using Direct Mode as an extender. Get in contact with our technicians if you face any problems while setting up a Wi-Fi Range Extender.

Mywifiext.net Installation wizard: Problems faced by the customers:

  • The server can’t be found on Mywifiext.net
  • www.mywifiext.net Not working locally
  • Unable to establish a new local web address Wi-Fi extender setup

Mywifiext or wi-fi extender does not function and needs support to address the issue: 

Mywifiext.net is a local website address to open the setup wizard. As customer tried to set up wireless range extender, this problem comes up. Any technical factors cause the error message to pop up. You can access the wi-fi system via the login tab. You need to connect your ethernet cable with an Extender to open the website. Get in contact with our experts to address all these new extender issues with mywifiext.net.

Login steps for genie app:

The Genie app is known for handling the extender and router responsible for getting the internet to your computers and troubleshooting them. But, to do so, you need to set up the app in the correct way, followed by Genie login. If you have set up the Genie app successfully, then here is how you can go about the Genie login process:

1. If you have properly installed the Genie app on your device, you need to launch it and pick ‘Router Settings’.

2. You then need to select ‘Remote Login Access’ as an option.

3. Click ‘Sign Up’ to build an account with Genie. Then, in the blank fields, enter information followed by clicking the ‘Build’ button.

4. In the email you enter during the sign-up process, you receive a confirmation email. In your mailbox, check your email address, open it and click the ‘confirm your account’ key.

5. If the email has not been sent, then you should search the spam folder.

6. After your account has been confirmed, go back to Desktop Genie and log in using the credentials you have just established.

7. Once you’ve signed into your account successfully, click the ‘Register’ button to register your device.

8. You can see a cloud icon on the screen as you register, where you will see how you can remotely control your router.

9. Multiple features such as Guest Access, Parental Control, Wireless Settings and Traffic Meter can now be controlled.

10. After adjusting the settings, click to exit remote access by pressing ‘logout.’

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