Umrah practice

Being a Muslim, umrah performance has a lot of importance in your life. Mostly all those who plan for performing Umrah gather the information and guidance about the umrah procedure. It is the desire of all and sundry to avoid the errors and mistakes of umrah 2021 performance.

And for this, they need to understand every step of Umrah. Once you plan for Umrah, you collect all the things that are required during the umrah journey. So, you need luggage, a blanket, some clothes, and other things about your needs. Then you start your journey for the Umrah. Umrah is very sacred for all pilgrims, and no one wants to commit any error while praying Umrah. But if you forget to complete any step of the procedure, it would be miserable for you. And one major and essential need while planning for Umrah is the packages of the Umrah. So, if you are going for Umrah next year, you need a quality umrah package 2021. You feel more comfortable if you have an Umrah package. 

 To easily understand the procedure of Umrah, some steps are mentioned in the further article. The following mentioned steps are quite easy to understand, and you can easily follow them. 

Four major as well as essential rituals of Umrah:

There is a four-step procedure for the pilgrims, and it is explained in the further points. If you follow all such points, you would be able to eliminate the chances of errors in your umrah prayer. Especially for those who are going for umrah prayer for the first time, this guidance is a pivotal chunk. 

Step 1 Use of IHRAM clothing:

When entering into the boundary of the haram, a pilgrim of Umrah is required to be in ihram clothing. This is a special type of cloth that is also varying for women and men. For men, there are two pieces of unstitching white color cloth. Men used to wrap this cloth in a prescribed way for IHRAM. But for women, the commandment of IHRAM is different; they are not supposed to wear the unstitched cloth. But they are required to cover their head hairs with the appropriate scarfs. And wear a fully covered dress that does not show their ankles of both hands and feet. There is also some DUA that are called Talbiya and are required to recite loudly after entering the HARAM. 

IHRAM clothing

Step 2 Perform TAWAF:

When you enter into the HARAM the first step, you need to perform there TAWAF. It means you are required to complete the seven rounds of the Kabbah. When you arrive near the Kabbah, then stop reciting the Talbiya. There are also some rules to be followed while performing the TAWAF. Such rules are listed below:

  • You must be in the wudu while performing the TAWAF.
  • Men are required not to cover their right shoulder only.
  • After completing the TAWAF, men are required to cover both of their shoulders. 
  • Start the TAWAF from the HAJAR AL ASWAD.

After the completion of the seven rounds of TAWAF, you need to go to the MAQAM E IBRAHIM and offer to RAKKAT there. 

Step 3 Running of SAI:

In this step, the pilgrim runs between the two hills of SAFAH and MARWA these are located north and south of the Kabbah. There are also some specific recitations you need to learn and recite while these seven runs. After the seventh trip, this step was also completed, and the pilgrim prayed two RAKKAT there. This performance would provide complete peace to the soul of the pilgrim. And you are just near completing the Umrah. 

Step 4 HALAQ, also known as TAQSEER:

Now to complete the Umrah, male and female pilgrims are required to cut their head hairs. But for men, it is needed to shave the whole hair of the head. Contrary to this, women are required to just clip their hair to the size of a fingertip. Now the Umrah is complete, and all IHRAM rules are lifted. It is time for the DUA and drinks Abb e Zamzam from the Zamzam well. 

All the steps that are discussed above are easily understandable, and if you follow the steps, you would be conveniently performing your Umrah. For those who are performing Umrah for the first time. And to make other things convenient, you need an up to mark and all-inclusive umrah package 2021. These packages include all types of basic facilities, and you are not required to feel hassle. So, you can stress freely perform your Umrah and would also be a factor that reduces the chances of error. After performing Umrah, you would easily explore the MAKKAH city and purchase gifts for your loved ones and family. 

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