Coffee is an instrument of socialization. At work or with friends, what could be better than telling our week over a good coffee? But at home, do you have a coffee maker that really suits you? The filter coffee machines have not finished conquering us with their sure value. We will see in this top 5 the best existing models. What are you waiting for to fully inform yourself by reading the following, in order to better choose the coffee maker that suits you?

Krups F1830110: A nice little coffee maker

I was delighted to find a practical and ergonomic product. Indeed, it is rare to come across a coffee maker of this type, very small. This machine works perfectly. But the white color, not friendly with coffee, gets dirty quickly … so I recommend that you choose the black color model! In addition to being more elegant, it will be easier to maintain. The design is in my opinion really successful.

The coffee is ready relatively quickly. I found in him a very good value for money for such an easy to use coffee maker. Indeed, it is quite this kind of model that I aspire to make you discover in my comparisons. It is really a good product, classic in function but of very good quality. It is a cheaper model than equivalent models from other brands. In summary: a functional and practical product in use and maintenance. Buy coffee maker

Melitta 1010-06: A coffee maker that makes your life easier

This Melitta coffee maker makes good coffee for a competitive price and perfectly meets my expectations. The coffee is pretty well kept warm, even if the thermos is a lower quality than that of Philips. It is a coffee maker that turns off on its own to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. What I liked above all was its ease of use and maintenance. It is certainly a very good product, but also light! The only downside is the power cord which I found a bit short unlike those of its competitors.

Coffee is made really quickly. It is a very simple coffee maker, not very expensive, which does its job perfectly. A large amount of coffee can be prepared if you receive friends, unlike the Krups model in this comparison. The coffee obtained, if we follow the instructions, is strong enough but not too much. It is a sober coffee maker, consistent with the photos. The fact that it is not programmable is really not a problem. It has been running daily for several weeks and I never get tired of it. How can you not be satisfied with this simple and effective product?

Bosch TKA6034: A very practical coffee maker

I recommend this Bosh coffee maker which has made a difference. One of its big positive points is that its tank is removable. If your coffee maker is positioned high in your small apartment, this can be really practical: no more embarrassment to put the water without spilling it next to it! In addition, in terms of hygiene, you can wash the tray outside the coffee maker. Since I have it, I have done only once a cleaning for lime scale and it works as well as at the beginning of my purchase.

Like all products of the known and recognized German brand, this is only happiness. The manufacturing is robust and the color is nice. I found its design much more current than that of the Melitta coffee maker in this comparison. This isa very easy to use model and ideal for large morning coffees. Like the Philips model, this coffee maker can keep your drink warm. The drop stop really works, so as not to dirty the heating part. And last but not least, this Bosh machine makes excellent coffee that flows very quickly. What else?

Philips HD7546 / 20: A coffee maker that keeps coffee warm

This Philips coffee maker is so popular that everyone who comes to my house for a coffee wants one too. It is very easy to use and maintain. The materials are of good quality and well suited. The value for money, although a little less advantageous than that of the Moulinex, remains excellent. The coffee maker does not stop after 2 hours as indicated in the descriptions, but after the coffee has run out, which is much better because it avoids overheating of the machine. The coffee is excellent and flows in less than 10 minutes for a full jug. The thermos tank is very effective in keeping coffee hot most of the day. Very practical to use, this model is also easy to clean. It will take up little space in your kitchen and has an attractive design! Anti-fingerprint stainless steel really makes the difference with other models.

Moulinex FG260811: The best of filter coffee makers

I am very happy with this Moulinex filter coffee maker, used almost daily. I chose to put it in number 1 of my top 5 of the best filter coffee makers for its unbeatable value for money. It did not disappoint me on any point! The coffee is very good (provided you put quality coffee of course!), it works efficiently and quickly and holds up very well over time, after a few months of use already.

The shutdown is automatic to treat the electricity bill and maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Indeed, it turns off after 30 minutes which is very practical for heads in the air! When I receive friends, my coffee maker is successful thanks to its large capacity. Certainly, you can find cheaper, but impossible to find such a price with a guarantee of seriousness like that of this product. The arrival of coffee is faster than that of Philips. Moulinex once again demonstrates its flawless robustness. This excellent coffee maker is very simple to set up and use.

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