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Healthy and long hair is a big dream for most girls. However, getting long hair is not an impossible feat, but you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain adequate hair care. If you want to increase the hair length, you can try different types of hair extensions. Hair extensions can quickly increase your hair length. Temporary and permanent, there are 2 types of hair extensions.

What is A Hair Extension?

Hair extensions are individual hairpieces that you integrate into your natural hair. They come in a number of types, sizes, and colors that are clearly defined as it is quite difficult. Generally, these tend to be longer than your hair, but sometimes it is just to increase the thickness of your hair rather than gain many lengths.

For example, extensions add fullness and length to human hair by incorporating human or synthetic hairpieces that are normally glued, or sewn.

Types of Hair Extensions

Whether you want extensions or not depends on your personal preferences. There are several factors you should consider at the time of receiving extensions. Each extension has its own advantages and disadvantages.

#1 Clip-in Extensions

This extension is one of the better-known hair extensions types. These come in strands of varying lengths with clips sewn to the strands. If you are looking for an easy and temporary option, clip-ins are great. They cling to your natural hair. They are relatively low maintenance and need to be washed after 15-20 wearing.

  • Best for: Bonding-hobby and damaged hair
  • Last for: Until you unclip
  • Time of use: minutes


  • You can get on and off daily
  • Have the ability to change hair color and style
  • No need for an expert to remove it, you can do it yourself

#2 Tape-In Extensions

If you wear your hair often, you have the choice between adhesive tape. The weft marks are stuck to the root or glued and lie flat on the head and are less noticeable than other extensions. The chemicals that are contained in glue remover or glue damage your hair, but with the adhesive tape, they do not pull your natural hair and are super light. In addition, you can vary which products you use because rough and oily products can cause the glue to stick. You can also reinstall when your natural hair grows out.

  • Best for: Fine hair and being discreet
  • Last valid for: 4-8 weeks
  • Application time: 30-60 minutes


The simplest and fastest method of application

No heating tools required for one application

Suitable for thin and fine hair

#3 Bonds Extensions

Bond extensions are thin strands, then weft threads, and it allows you to move your hair naturally. Each individual strand is applied to a thin strand of your natural hair using a tool like a glue gun. If you do not want to return to the salon every few weeks, Bonds are great. Also, they are better for coarse hair.

  • Best for: Those who do not like the regular trips to the parlour
  • Shelf life: 3 to 4 months
  • Duration of application: a few hours


  • Suitable for thick and coarse hair
  • Longest hair extension
  • Gives you a feeling of natural hair

#4 Micro Links Extensions

Micro-links extensions are the same as bonds and are a thin strand, but they do not consume chemicals and heat during the application process. Instead, small strands of hair are pulled through a “bead” and clamped together to secure the extensions. It fits seamlessly and can be styled like natural hair, and it needs to be repositioned as your hair grows.

  • Best for Damaged hair and people who don’t like to go to the salon regularly
  • Shelf life: 3 to 4 months
  • Duration of application: a few hours


  • It can move organically because it has sole strands
  • No heat or glue gun required for use and can last up to 6 months
  • Extensions are reusable and can be repaired by an experienced technician if it is down or off.

#5 Weave Extensions

Weaving hair extensions can be worn as a protective hairstyle to give your natural hair a break from heat styling. This extension is not for people who have fine hair. Applying it can be uncomfortable and put a lot of strain on the scalp. Also, be sure to remove the hair every 8 weeks to give your scalp breathing space.

  • Best for: Thick hair
  • Last for: about eight weeks
  • Operational time: Several hours


  • Best for thick and coarse hair
  • No heat or adhesive required for application
  • It will not slip, unless the braids come loose

#6 Get trims frequently

It may seem counterintuitive, but for healthy and longer hair, you need regular trimming. Hair cuts do not cause the hair to grow faster, but they do remove split ends that break the hair. A proper cut every 8-12 weeks can help with hair growth. Regular trimming can promote hair growth.

#7 Take supplements

Food supplements are practical in that they provide hair with easily accessible nutrients. In particular, they provide a healthy level of certain minerals, promote hair growth, and prevent breakage. There are six essential nutrients that we need to improve your hair growth: nutrients such as biotin, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, amino acids, and vitamin D. You can try some products that claim to increase hair growth and improve hair structure.

#8 Plan your style in advance

Long hair does not mean one size fits all. The type of long hair you have should fit both your face and your hair type. People with narrower faces and more delicate facial features tend to look good with flowing hair that frames and accentuates their natural bone structure. Even people with a more distinctive feature, such as a large nose, do better with a more textured style.

People with choppy face-framing layers dissolve people’s focus and minimize significant features.

#9 Application egg mask treatment

Eggs can help you to lengthen your hair length. They contain abundant proteins that help strengthen the hair follicles. The rich moisture in the hair mask protects your hair from becoming dry and thin.

The direction of making mask:

  1. Take an egg, crack it in a bowl and beat it until smooth.
  2. Add the yogurt and whisk with the egg until the mixture is creamy.
  3. Moisten your hair and apply this mixture for 20 minutes
  4. Wash your hair now to rinse out the mask.

#10 Massage your scalp

Through an excellent massage, the scalp improves blood circulation to the head and stimulates the activity of the hair follicles. When most follicles have become active, you can grow your hair and thus increase your hair length.

As a rule, there are two ways to perform a massage: you rub your scalp with essential oil or with the inversion method. Many beauty bloggers recommend both methods.

Method 1: Steps to inversion method:

  1. Take a chair, sit on it, and turn your hair around. Turn it so that your head is under your heart.
  2. Stay in this position with your fingertips for up to five minutes.
  3. Now, rub the front, back, and sides of your scalp in a circular motion.

Method 2: Steps to the essential oil method:

  1. Take one of these essential oils such as lemon, tea tree, and peppermint
  2. Warm the oil and massage it on the scalp for 20 minutes.
  3. Leave the oil in your scalp for 30 minutes and rinse at the end.

How do you take care of your extensions?

If you choose from the above extensions, grooming is not complicated or time-consuming as you think. You will need to wash and untangle them, but with the following tips, you will be able to do it quickly.

  1. Until they are untangled, brush them properly with the untangling brush.
  2. Lightly wet your extensions by placing them in a bathtub or sink.
  3. First, turn on the air conditioning
  4. Now, pour some shampoo over the conditioner and wash gently.
  5. Finally, rinse with warm water.

If you have a permanent hair extension, ask your hairdresser what shampoo and conditioner they recommend, as each process is different. Generally, avoid conditioners or shampoos that contain too much moisturizer, as your hair can become too slippery for your hair extensions. Also, make sure that your hair is dried before bedtime and if you want your hair extensions to last longer, try braiding your hair or putting it in pigtails.

Apart, from lengthening, there are several other ways to grow your hair length, and with these knowledgeable ways, you will get quick results. These are the natural ways to increase your hair length, but it may take some time.


With these options mentioned above, you can quickly increase your hair length. Increasing the range depends greatly on the way you treat your natural hair. If you choose weaving, fusion, and tape-in extensions for your hair, consider going to the pros. Also, make sure before you go to the pros, do your research in the most experienced salon for the job.

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