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Are you looking for a customizable product that enhances you and your company? A typographic accessory that can turn out to be a useful gadget and appreciated by your customers? 

Then the notepad is just what is right for you. Practicality, utility, and customization possibilities are the perfect features that make the notebook the perfect product for your needs.

However, finding your way in the jungle of printers is very complex. And you often run the risk of not getting the desired results. So here is a simple guide for you that will help you in choosing. And creating the design for your notebook.

The format: which one to choose?

When it comes to buying or, even more so. Creating your own notebook from scratch, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the format. The possible choices are among the more compact and manageable ones such as the A5 (which measures 14.8 cm x 21 cm) and the A6 (which measures 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm), or the more spacious ones like the very popular A4 (in the measures 21 cm x 29.7 cm) and the very large A3 (which in fact measures 42 cm x 30 cm). Due to its large size, the A4 and A3 can also be used as a sketch and drawing pads or even as a planner.

The choice of the format to adopt is linked to the need for which you want to use the block. Do you need a pocket format that you can carry with ease? Go for the A5 or even better the A6. Do you need a lot of space for your designs? Perfect, choose an A3 size!

The lining and the grid: what are they?

The lines that characterize the internal arrangement of a sheet are called ruling and / or grid lines. They usually take on importance in the years of schooling, when it is necessary to choose the notebook to take to class. The best known and most popular types of binding are, for example, lines with margin (option A in the figure) and are intended for grade I and II. For the third grade the lines illustrated in figure B are widespread; instead in figure C you can see the lines with margins destined for the fourth and fifth elementary and middle schools. Finally, Figure 1R illustrates the lines with no margin for middle and high schools.

10mm squares with (10F) or no margin are used for 10F first grade. Image Q represents the 5mm squares with margin intended for elementary schools, as well as the 5mm squares without margin. Finally, there are the 4mm squares with or without margin, which are used from the 3rd grade up to middle and high school.

The choice between which format between lines and squares is entirely yours and obviously depends on your needs.

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The binding: sizing and spiral

There are two possible types of binding for notepads: sizing and spiral. The notepads glued on the head are the classic blocks in which the sheets remain attached to each other thanks to the patina of glue with which they are covered in the upper part. This glue offers sufficient strength to hold the block together but at the same time allows the individual sheets to be detached easily in case of need.

The second type of binding, the spiral, does not require the use of any glue but the simple assembly of the individual sheets by means of a metal spiral of the desired color. This latest version is definitely the most elegant.

The graphic file: make it easy

To create your own notepad you obviously need to create the graphic file for printing.

To do this, you must necessarily follow the instructions provided by your trusted printer and rely on graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

If you are not familiar with graphic creations but want to challenge your skills. You can juggle with online services like Canvas. This platform offers a free graphic composition service (although some elements are premium and cost $ 1 each). Providing hundreds and hundreds of customizable layouts to create flyers, leaflets, postcards, and, of course, notepads. The composition of the file takes place very simply. A very practical drag & drop system on a file of previously set size.

Don’t feel capable of self-realization? No problem, we’ll take care of it! Stampaprint has at its disposal a team of professionals ready to listen to all your needs in terms of graphics.

Print online and save money

Now that your file is ready, it’s time to print. So why not rely on online typography? On Stampaprint, printing personalized notepads are much cheaper than traditional typography. In addition, you have the convenience of being able to carry out all the operations directly from your computer. And above all to receive the product directly at home by express courier.

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