RO based water purifier service & maintenance

RO-based water purifiers are no more a luxury in all those places where the quality of drinking water is supplied below par. In all such areas drinking that water directly can cause many glasses of water-borne diseases. In big cities, such problems are widespread. Civic amenities are under extreme pressure due to poor infrastructure and rising population. Water purifiers are the only saviors for us in such scenarios. But buying a water purifier that suits our needs plus regular maintenance is a different ball game. In this article, we will try to unclutter all RO Service aspects and why it is essential.

How to decide which RO is best for you?

When you decide to purchase a RO for your family, you begin a hunt for the best-case scenario. There is n number of water purifier models from multiple brands. You can quickly get confused and influenced due to so many options. But one should always do a bit of research first. It would help if you looked around your locality and maybe ask neighbors who are using RO water purifiers. You can also go to the nearby showrooms that sell RO-based water purifiers to get more idea brands and RO models being sold the most. Then you can narrow your choice down based on your family size, budget, and serviceability.

The last term, serviceability, may sound confusing to you because we see price and quality when we buy a product. In water purifiers, you also have to consider the brand’s Water Purifier Service capabilities. A good RO brand will also invest heavily in setting service centers across all those places where they have their customers. Also, they need to invest in consumer engagement and grievance handling through a widespread network of customer care centers.

These call centers could cater to customers of a large area and handle their queries. These skilled Customer service executives try to answer all the customer’s questions and register their complaints. These CSEs are the ones who get the customer complaint assigned to a particular service center and schedule appointments. These service centers operate from nearby localities, then send the service engineer to designated homes for service, maintenance, and installation purposes.

Various aspects of water purifier service

RO-based water purifiers come in various price ranges. Some more expensive ones also include YV technology to boost filtration. Since RO purification is a complex scientific process that has been commercialized and miniaturized to fit household needs. There are many small moving parts inside the RO water purifier that need maintenance from time to time. First of all, there are RO membrane filters that need to be replaced with new filters from time to time based on usage. They also need regular cleaning and servicing; otherwise, the quality of water will degrade.

There are also various common issues that RO users face, like water leakage or no power or water pump, or some electronic board malfunction causing multiple problems. All these can only be sorted and fixed by service engineers sent by the brand-owned service centers. One should never take the risk of calling a third-party service engineer or a local technician. Genuine service engineers are well trained on these filters and know in and out about them. If they cannot fix the issue, the company takes full responsibility and gives the service for free to the customer. 

This is the reason it is highly recommended to go for AMC packages that come with every brand. For first-year services are free other than any damaged part replacement. From next year you have to pay for every service visit as well as replacement of parts. If you buy an extended warranty package or an AMC for a year or two, then your services are stretched. Any service within this period is free, and replacement of filters and parts is also free.


RO-based water purifiers are so important nowadays that there is no way that one should compromise on them. It’s like playing gamble with you and your family’s health. You should think wisely and invest in a water purifier on time rather than pushing your family toward health-related problems, especially in times like these when every one of us is already fighting with one global disease.