Congratulation! Finally, your baby has arrived, and you are included in the parent category. Having a soft little angel in arms is not going to be fun for you until you fulfill all the requirements of your baby.

After feed and diaper change, your baby will need a proper time of sleep, but unfortunately, often baby sleeping hours can be changed of you.

For you and your partner starting weeks of your baby’s arrival can be difficult in terms of feeding and sleeping. Even your baby can frequently wake up in the night for feeding, peeing, pooping, and burping purposes.

However, don’t be confused at all and make yourself relaxed! For the next three years, your baby will experience a lot of developmental milestones. Keenly her sleeping hours will be changed as per on the age and other growth factors.

Anyways before giving you some baby sleep techniques let’s have a baby sleeping chart to understand baby sleeping hours better.

Baby sleeping chart:

Baby ageTotal SleepNighttime SleepNaps
Newborn-4 months16-18 hours8-9 hours7-9 hours (3 to 7 naps)
4 to12 months12-16 hours9-10 hours4-5 hours (2-3 naps)
1 to 2 years11-14 hours11 hours2-3 hours (2 naps)
3-5 years10-13 hours10-13 hours0-1 hours

Please note: normally naps stop by 5 years ago. Under 5 years, parents should have to make a sleeping schedule of their baby in order to get better nighttime sleep.

What type of situations can bother my sleeping baby?

According to the experts, there are a lot of situations that can make a baby restless at night time. These situations are totally depending on the age of a baby.

Certainly, some majority of sleepless baby issues could be appetite, diaper change, sleep regression, sickness, leg pain, ringworms, and many others.

Make sure each of its cause needs different treatment. You cannot take your baby’s sleepless nights in light. After all, a baby’s brain gets proper development under 5 years, and within these years, nighttime sleep is conditioned.

Keep in mind that a bad sleeping schedule is also common for what a baby cannot sleep at night.

How can I help my restless baby sleep?

Well, as I already conclude that a baby’s sleepless night may have different causes, and each cause needs different treatment. For a baby’s health, you may consult a pediatrician or get some authentic solutions from babyhealthcaree. 

Whatever! Here I am going to share some working tips for parents in order to sleep their baby well.

  • Keep your baby close to you, and once she sleeps, then you can put her in the crib.
  • Keep the room temperature normal and make a darkened atmosphere.
  • A swaddle is a good option for newborns – for older babies you can try as soft and warm blanket.
  • The sleeping surface should be clean and soft.
  • The baby’s tummy should be full before sleep; you cannot insist on her with an empty for sleep.
  • The baby’s diaper and clothes should be dry and clean.
  • Some white noise is also the best option for baby sleep so; you can try these noises from any android app.
  • Make sure the before night time your baby should awaken about 3 to 6 hours approximately.

Bottom line:

“My baby wont sleep” is a common question that often new mums have in their minds. This short but very informative guide article is specially written for helping new mums. If you are having a job and want to make your baby’s sleep schedule well, then read this calmly and apply suggested tips.

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