The tech space is fast evolving and the cut throat competition allows the survival of the fittest only. In the highly competitive industry bombarded by many brands, stepped the champion – Xiaomi in 2010. Soon it was everywhere to be seen and today it has become one of the leading companies, fast earning a reputation for smart products. Not only is it evolving but innovating at a fast pace. It has introduced a range of inspiring products that promise to make life easier. If you are looking to buy phone or any of the coolest gadgets from Xiaomi, log on to our official online shop Mistore and your problem will be solved. 

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Mistore is fast conquering the tech world with its suave and cool products. The easy returns and outstanding customer services add to the appeal of the attractive package that the tech store offers. You can log on and explore the stunning smartphones and various tech gadgets, all presented with beautiful images that give a detailed view of the product. All the specifications and features are given in detail to help the customers make a buying decision. You can also find product set-up information and buying help. 

Smartphones at Mistore

Smartphones have become such a need that it is hard to imagine a day without it. Not only do they provide the facility of 24/7 connectivity but have many other functions. Practically the small gadget is your communication channel with the world. And you cannot afford to be cut off with your world even for a single day. 


When buying a new phone it is important to go for brands trusted for quality and sets that you won’t have to replace for a long time. If you are looking to buy mobile phones then check the latest arrivals at our online store. Mistore has launched several new models this year and these are high quality, future proof phones. From cheap android phones to new models and some tried and tested ones, all are available at our store. The huge range of fantastic handsets will make your buying decision a little tough.

Since Pakistan has a wide target audience for smartphones, we try to cover it all.The aim is to have something for those who want cheap android phones and also cater to the elite class who wants to go for the best. Phone prices in Pakistan therefore vary depending on the handset you are going for. Mistore brings a huge range of smartphones in all price ranges. If you are among those who want to keep up with the latest trends and want the new features then keep checking our new models. New mobile phones with price are displayed and updated on our site on a regular basis. Every feature is discussed in detail and if you want further assistance, you can get in touch with our customer service support. 

Not only does the online shop give complete information but is easy to navigate as well. The prices are quite reasonable considering what you are getting and you can be sure to get your money’s worth. Moreover, you must keep checking our online shop for exclusive deals. Get lucky and avail these now! Opportunity doesn’t knock twice! 

The buying process is also simple. You read and view the product specifications and if you are satisfied proceed with the purchase. The warranty and return information is given and the delivery process is fast and reliable. You will get your desired product without any scratch or damage. We want you to trust Mistore and keep coming because we want to retain customers for the long haul.

This year Xiaomi introduced a new set of smartphones and people went crazy over them. These smartphones offer different specs and obviously smartphone prices vary according to that. But one thing they all have in common is class. One smart phone that has been the center of attention and gaining favorable reviews all over is Mi 10 Phone

Mi 10 Phone 

Xiamoi’s latest flagship 5G smartphone has been making news ever since it dropped in the market. The outstanding specs and good looking, sleek design has made it a big hit already. The high gloss curved glass back of the smartphone lends it elegance and the metal frame enhances the beauty of the set. If you are the one who loves classy looking phones then this one’s for you.  


It has a 108MP camera, a large 6.67 inch display, a gorgeous and smooth 90Hz screen and great sound offered by the stereo speakers. So if you are not a fan of headphones and enjoy streaming videos then go for it by all means. The design is pure class and finish is as smooth as you can get. The battery life is pretty decent as well. 

It boasts of being a phone with the best camera  with a huge sensor size. The powerful camera system captures more vivid 108MP photos faster, provides best color accuracy and stores pictures using 50% less space. The smartphone is available for Rs149,999 only in Pakistan and the price in USD stands at $1118 .It is among the most expensive phone category of smartphones but provides money’s worth. Interested? Then find out more about it and get it in your hands fast.

Mistore offers E-Commerce excellence

We aim for e-commerce excellence to facilitate our customers in these hard times when Covid-19 has created havoc. In this chaos, online shopping Pakistan has gained momentum, but you need brands you can trust, who can bring a little comfort in these troubling times by delivering what they promise. Since life has to go on, the tech needs cannot be ignored either. Mistore is taking care of all the tech needs of its valued customers by doing just that. So no more browsing and hopping on from one site to another when you have Mistore. Trust Mistore to be your answer!

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