Four major market problems to be solved by digital marketing

Solve the problem of asymmetry of enterprise marketing information

Enterprises have more inventory backed up by conventional marketing. Usually manufacturers make tens of thousands of the same products according to their subjective imagination, and then wholesale them to shopping malls at different levels. 

As a result, there are many products that do not meet the needs of consumers, and these products form a large backlog, some of which are in stock for several months, and some even for several years. After a long period of inventory, the commercial enterprise will cut the price again. In shopping malls, slogans such as “big price cuts” and “big auctions” can often be seen. 

The blind production of the enterprise is due to the fact that the enterprise cannot make timely statistics and respond to market sales, resulting in increased product inventory, increased capital turnover time, and unrecovered payment. This not only seriously affects the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also affects the survival and development of the enterprise, and reduces the company’s return on investment and profitability. It also affects the corporate image and reduces the value of the corporate brand.

On the other hand, channeling goods between marketers not only hurts the channels and price systems of production enterprises, but also forms the impression of “too dark” in the minds of loyal customers. When there are products and markets, there is the phenomenon of channeling goods. Therefore, the topic of channeling goods and anti-channeling goods is deeply and persistently discussed. A contest. The root of all this is caused by the asymmetry of the company’s marketing information on the product and the inability of the company to understand the product’s marketing information in a timely manner.

Solve the problem of weakness in counterfeiting rampant

Some statistics show that counterfeiting is increasing rapidly in China. Not only is the number growing, but the ways of fraud are constantly changing. In recent years, some counterfeiters have intensified the activities of manufacturing counterfeit imported products, counterfeiting the manufactured counterfeit products as brand owners or their licensees, and manufacturing and importing products into China on another market. 

What’s more, some counterfeiters also export counterfeit imported products to other countries and regions. The number of counterfeit products is increasing day by day, and due to counterfeiting in the dark and people ’s poor ability to identify counterfeit goods, due to insufficient legal support, enterprises or individuals have poor anti-counterfeiting effects. 

First, the laws and regulations are not perfect, and the penalties for counterfeiting and selling are too light; second, serious local protectionism has led to the prosperity of a large number of counterfeiting and selling professional areas. 

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The various anti-counterfeiting technologies currently on the market often stay at the stage of product marking due to the wrong anti-counterfeiting concept. Due to the low accuracy verification rate of consumers, the anti-counterfeiting effect is minimal, and the actual anti-counterfeiting effect is very poor. The pale power of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting makes the proliferation of counterfeit and shoddy products also cause consumers to lose confidence in some brands and bring a devastating blow to these brands.

Solve the limitation of promotion

The usual merchandise promotion is based on the invoice lottery or the scratch-off marker on the product. Some manufacturers directly place the prize or cash in the product’s packaging box. 

Although this method is simple and easy to implement, only one product Promotional role, and this kind of promotion increasingly lacks freshness for consumers. 

Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the market, various merchants have made every effort to promote product sales, and various discounts, promotions, and gifts are all over the air. However, looking at these behaviors of most merchants, they only promote for promotion, and do not organically combine other elements of marketing through promotional activities, resulting in a situation in which the market is cold after the promotion. 

On the one hand, promotion has caused a decline in corporate profits. On the other hand, more consumers are also worried about the quality of these “contest products” in the price war. Come down together?

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Solve the problem of low advertising efficiency

The rapid economic development has brought about the rapid development of the media and the acceleration of people’s life rhythm. The fast pace of life and the prosperity of entertainment programs have led to a significant reduction in the efficiency of consumer acceptance of advertisements. 

Every Chinese person receives an average of 500 advertisements per day Harassment, and the number in the United States is 5000 times. On the one hand, companies have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in advertising. But on the other hand, the effectiveness of advertising has been greatly reduced. 

Some people once sent 2 million messages with SMS, and there were only 50 respondents. The main reason for this situation Advertisement is not targeted, that is, the consumer group is not subdivided according to consumption, that is, there is no proven fish group, and the net is scattered and little is gained.

From the starting point of digital marketing, it can be seen that digital marketing is not only the information processing of the distributed products, but also an important extension of enterprise management. 

Digital marketing is to bring down the resource data involved in the actual operation of distribution and all kinds of offline Collect basic data of distributors, distributors, and terminals, data generated by sales and services, data returned by terminals and consumers, and anti-counterfeit data given by product authenticity, etc., collect and organize them, analyze and process them centrally, and use them in enterprises Production guidance and management. So what are the practical uses of digital marketing for businesses? 

Marketing information management is not only an important aspect for enterprises to implement enterprise management for distributors, he can let companies clearly know the actual profit status of each product, the efficiency of resource use, the changing characteristics and development direction of the local market in the market and many more. 

And through product information management, enterprises can also discover markets and spaces that have not been previously noticed through digital marketing. 

More importantly, they can stop the impact of counterfeit products on the market. Digital marketing companies create greater benefits internally, externally controlling distributors, centrally controlling two batches of merchants, and lowering marketing terminals. 

Digital marketing is an improvement of the quality of traditional marketing, and also the application of information technology, which greatly improves the accuracy of enterprise management, so that enterprises know each other in commercial wars, so as to achieve a battle-free management realm.

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