The use of lashes makes our eyes attractive and bold look to make our personality confident. So, the demand for lashes is increasing like mascara, particularly after Covid-19. As we know, research shows that lipstick is reduced to wearing a mask on the lipstick and make the reason to upraise mascara or other eye makeup products among people. The major reason for the escalation of mascara or eye makeup products is that it makes you presentable in the gathering and face-to-face meetings where you wear a mask due to the corona virus. 

Due to this, many brands put focus on making esthetic and overwhelming lashes for their customers. Such lashes are covered in custom lash boxes that increase the beauty of your product and make them perfect. Now it’s time to see the tips that you can pick to make tremendous eyelash packaging boxes.

Use Quality Cardstock to Pack your Lashes 

When your customers pick your lash boxes in their hands, the cardstock is an initial communicator of your product quality.  And, this cardstock puts the first impression on the customer’s mind that predicts the product quality that you pack in your box. Therefore, you need to pick durable and robust materials for your lash boxes. Here is the list of cardstock that perfect for your lash packaging. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Rigid 
  • PVC 

However, you can use versatile materials like aluminum, tin, or plastic, but the best choice that is eco-friendly and cost-effective is cardboard and Kraft. The use of rigid cardstock makes your product’s appearance spellbinding and elegant. So, you can use rigid cardstock for the splined eyelashes box template. 

Apply Enchanting Design on your Lashes boxes

The mesmerizing design patterns are also mandatory for your custom lash boxes to give a breathtaking look to your lashes. Therefore, you need to decide what type of design patterns you desire to make your quirky and distinctive place in the industry. Some brands use abstract elements in your packaging, and sometimes they want to play with intricate lines to print the alluring artwork on the lash boxes. So, here are some patterns you can choose what effect you want to print on your lashes boxes. 

  • Floral patterns
  • Intricate lines 
  • Blurring effect
  • Marbling Printing 
  • Vintage triangle printing 
  • Print eyelashes on the box 

Choose Easy to Open Lash Boxes 

Along, the design of the styles is a considerable chunk for on which you need to pay proper attention. On this subject, you need to make your lash boxes simple and have too many tricks to unbox for the customers. Otherwise, if they face a problem one time, then they never shop again for your products. Plus, if you are selling outclass lashes, your customers must need personalized eyelash boxes that help them to store lashes in them for other next use. A standard time for using lashes is five to six weeks. So, here are some unique and decent styles that you can choose for your lashes. 

  • Window eyelash boxes 
  • Soft Touch eyelash boxes 
  • Round eyelash boxes 
  • Flip-top magnetic lid boxes
  • Sleeve boxes 
  • Sliding boxes 
  •  Folding lash boxes 
  • Small mailer boxes 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 

All the styles mentioned above are perfect and easily open to place your product inside the box. Plus, if your brand exit online, all styles are best to ship your products securely at your customer’s doorstep. 

Insertion of Additional add on 

If you love to place a cherry on the peak of your cake to enhance its beatification, then you must apply any additional add-on that fits in your budget. On this subject, you can use foiling, coatings, laminations, embossing, and debossing on your custom-made eyelash boxes. Most other brands want to choose metalized boxes, but they are too much expensive. In this regard, foil stamping for the specific part is budget-friendly and makes them enchanting. Moreover, you can spot UV patterns on your lash boxes, shiny or glossy, from the particular part you want. 

Pick Tray Boxes to Place Your Lashes 

In the end, the used tray makes your lash placement on its location secure, and it is perfect for storing your lashes after reusing. So, you can use tray packaging and EVA foam packaging for your personalized lash boxes according to your budget. If you want to give a softer look to your lashes, then the use of an Eva foam tray is perfect for making them adorable. 

Ending Up Discussion  

The gist of the aforementioned discussion is to explain how you can give your lash packaging a more tantalizing and chic look. Also, how do you make your brand authority for offering quality products in the industry? Therefore, you need to pick quality cardstock, pleasant designs, easy unboxing styles, and apply add-ons on your custom lash boxes. Next to this, you can use a durable tray and Eva foam packaging to place your lashes in the box. Also, you must finalize your custom eyelash box template before you order for a bulk quantity of packaging. 

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