Welcome to the motherland of plain Pinacoladas – Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is a middle-age enclosed city where the icon and truthful stories correspond to each other. With its slender devised cleansed road, a brilliant Spanish Architecture, and La Europe hat-tipping to the impacts by Spanish triumphs, this city leaves no stone unturned in getting everybody wishing for more. Adjoined by two enormous castles and home to Bacardi distiller, San Juan is the perfect quantum of fun everybody can have comprising Jimmy Fallon who once relished his break in the city!

To commemorate glimpse of hope and living after the catastrophic storm which made backpacker concerned if Puerto Rico was in (point of) fact ready for them, a year ago the Governor and his better half carried out a task in La Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan smothered in Umbrellas to epitomize that it is surely now normal to welcome the tourists in and we invite all.

Paseo De Sombrillas (La Fortaleza)

 Try not to be tricked although, this evidently little city of senile San Juan has all the American prerequisites you may require including expressive compact stores, elite chain stores of cosmopolitan brands, drug stores, and a lot more.

The great thing about Old San Juan is that it is totally walking able. Tour & Travel One can take free tramcars which are at present the Golf cart along certain routes; however, we appreciated our strolls all through the city. We didn’t use the Golf Cart streetcar.

Take a free tour 

Believe me, a free tour of the city is an excellent way that one can use to get acquainted with the city’s amazing local culture and history. It gives you an abstract of a place you want to visit by an insider who is pretty much aware of all the nit bits details of the city. Moreover, depending upon the interests you have, you can make a longer list, although all the places here are completely wholesome in themselves and that’s the most important factor that contributes to the beauty of this city.

You will see the city throws its magic back to the sixteenth century. Here everything started when Spain was searching for better opportunities and ways to come to Asia so they could grow their territories. However, rather than finding Asia, they discovered the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus showed up in Puerto Rico in the year 1493. He initially announced the island “San Juan Bautista”, yet on account of the gold in the stream, it was earlier long known as Puerto Rico, and after that, the capital city accepted the name, San Juan. There is Plaza De Colon which constitutes Christopher Columbus sculpture in it and that was the initial stage of our visit.

Castillo San Cristóbal

The reinforcement of San Juan was performed in different stages and with different assaults on various plans and purposes. When it was attacked by Britishers in 1598, they invaded it from the coastline, concealed themselves over the mountain tops, and because this place was not protected, they took control of the whole city of San Juan. They fought for almost 98 days until the fatal plague spread in the city and British force started losing lives because of the infection.

After that, Spaniards took control of the city which was left by Britishers and began constructing San Cristóbal Fort with the funds collected from the people. Their initial plan was to send their various battalions on each part of the city and in case they get attacked by the enemy at one place, they would still have 2 more levels to secure for the defense.

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