Health is an essential element in human life. Very Good health is very crucial to the well being and happiness of the entire human population.

Good health leads to a healthy population and with a healthy population of the people there is increased economic progression among the people that translates to increase the productivity of the people. Good health also increases the life expectancy in the country and lowers the mortality rate within a region. Assessment of having proper health systems has been carried out by Help in Homework

Unhealthy Population

The cost of the unhealthy population is very high. The cost of an unhealthy population comes due to a health care system that is designed to be free- for- service meaning that the services run entirely on encounter based medicine. In this type of a system, it becomes very difficult for physicians and patients to access the medical services and understand the costs of healthcare. In cases where a population is not secure or lacks preventive measures like vaccinations. The population is affected, and the people become unhealthy. Unhealthy people are unproductive and if the workforce is unhealthy the economy is likely to dwindle.

If the people are healthy with the highest productivity. Economic activities in the country will increase leading to increased economic growth.

Regarding whether the country has seen an increase in health. The data from population health management indicate that the country is capable of dealing with social and social economic factors affecting health. The country has been able to improve health public health systems.

It is through the improvement of health systems that the country has increased public health professionals who are skilled to come up with health intervention strategies. Social support systems for the elderly and low medical expenses to ensure that all members of the society access health services at a reasonable cost.

Comparing health systems

Comparing health systems between the US and the United Kingdom. It is clear to note that the national health system in the UK performs better that of the US. health care systems institutions in the UK have however shown interest in learning from the US health care systems than vice versa. If the health of a population was supposed to be measured by life expectancy and infant mortality rates. The countries would exhibit the same statistics. Compared to how people say about their health system. People in the UK feel that their system is by far better than that of the US.  According to statistics, UK provided better health care systems than the United States.

Although the health services in the UK were reported to have more medical expenses. The health care system in the UK provides more equitable health services that the U.S. 

Most states in the United States share the decreasing trend in violent crimes. Although the states show a declining rate of crime in them, there are few cities in the country. Where crime has risen between the years 2013 and 2014. An example of such a state is Indiana where the number of crimes committed in 2013 had grown from 23627 to 24099 showing an index of + 1.6. The positive index has been attributed to the increasing number of aggravated assault cases in Indiana. Wisconsin is another state that has shown a similar trend of increasing the number of crimes committed in the area.

The report shows that Wisconsin had a +3.7 which was attributed to rising in murder and negligent manslaughter and robbery crimes in the region. West north central also recorded an increase in the number of violent crimes which was attributed to many violent crimes but rape.

Health System In The UK

In general, the health system in the UK are better compared to the health system is the U.S. UK provides equitable medical services to the population thereby reducing the waiting time. Having better health systems the country enjoys a healthy system which is attributed to the country’s health system. The U.S has a highly responsive and clinical excellence in health care. The country has continued to show great improvements in health systems, and with healthy people objectives. The country will have the best healthcare systems in the world.

Despite the medical excellence of the national health systems in the U.S her achievements. Are lower compared to health achievements by the national health systems in the U.K.

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