Did you know that Facebook live is not just for sharing live but also for game streaming? Based on a recent report, around the world, it is now appearing as a Twitch alternative. 

Although Amazon Twitch and YouTube are undoubtedly the best platforms for game streaming, Facebook as a streaming platform is getting positive recognition among audiences. One of the reasons behind its prominence is that Facebook holds a large number of the population. 

Also, its collaboration with Microsoft Mixer is a plus point. With a gigantic audience, Facebook possesses the ideal tools to be a platform for game streaming.  Anyone can stream their favorite games here and reach people with the same interest. 

So, you must know how to stream the game on Facebook before jumping on it. That is why we will explain in detail below to show how to do it properly. 

Do it like a perfectionist and for that, you have to know the key factors first. 

How to stream games on Facebook

Creating a gaming page

Facebook is a widely popular platform holding 2.6 billion users a month. So, already having an account is nothing unusual. However, for game streaming, you should create a separate page. This will help you to gain the right audience.  

Chances are high that most people from your friendliest may not be interested in gaming since many elderly family members, teachers, and different types of people are in their ( no offense to the elders who like games). As a result, you won’t reach people who are actually interested in it. Hence, a separate page for game streaming is necessary. 

First of all, go to ‘Create a Gaming Video Creator Page’(https://www.facebook.com/gaming/pages/create). Type a name for the page. Never change the category, because it gives access to gaming people and platforms. After naming the page, click ‘continue’. 

Now, there will be options like uploading a profile picture, cover photo, adding description, adding more details, etc. You should make the changes keeping pace with the theme and acceptability. 

Downloading a broadcasting software

An external source from your PC will help to stream the gameplay. So, to stream your gameplay on Facebook you must download extra software. Plus, to sustain the professional vibe, the software plays a large role. Do not fret on the price because the software will be totally free. 

The available free software includes OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, and Xsplit. You cannot tell the right or wrong between them. Therefore, just start with one. We will give example with Streamlabs OBS. 

For Facebook Gaming, simply install the software from its website. Allow it to analyze computer hardware and internet speed. It must analyze these to configure the performance setting for your PC.  

There is another alternative way to do this manually. Hit the ‘setting’ button at the bottom-left corner. Then click ‘Output’ and simply select the encoder. There two choices you may look into; one is NVENC or NVENC New. It depends on the CPU you have.

After that, you have to find out the best bitrate for gaming on Facebook. Using 4000 bps should be suitable for most connections.

Now, you go for the keyframe interval. Select an output value of 720p(1280×720) of 30fps in the video side penal. Facebook allows higher quality but for that, you have to be connected to it’s Level up Creator Program.

Setting up your stream

To make your game streaming lively and attractive you can use elements like layers (if you have some), voice-over, and webcam. Hit the Plus sign near the bottom left and create a new scene. Name the scene and hit the ‘Done’ button, there you go! 

Add some sources to give the stream additional sparkle. In the bottom middle menu, you will find a button called ‘Sources’. From here you can add gameplay footage by using Window capture, Display Capture, or Game Capture. The Game Capture is the least hardware intensive, you better choose it.  

Now, it’s time to add a webcam on the screen. And to do that, go to ‘Sources’ and click the plus sign. Hit ‘video capture device’, click your webcam.  Then you should be able to see yourself on screen. You can position the webcam according to your comfort. 

You have to make that the audience can hear you. It’s the same process as adding a webcam. Go to Sources, and then click Audio Capture Input. Finally, click your microphone.

Going Live

Now you need to go live and for that go to the Facebook Gaming Page. Find out the create bar at the top and hit the Live button. This causes a new page named ‘Live Producer’. Copy and paste the Stream Key in the broadcasting software (Setting>Stream>pasting the code in ‘Stream Keys’.

To create a title, go to the menu left side. While creating a title, remember the title should be interesting enough to catch the viewer’s attention and add relevant tags to reach out audience. To interact with people you may also add a poll, video thumbnails, and questions.

After you have set everything above, it’s time to ‘Go live’ though the streaming software. The software will display the preview first. Check the health of your streaming. When you are satisfied, see the Live Producer Page and hit the ‘Go Live’ button. Within a couple of seconds, you will be directed to the ‘Creator Studio’ page.

Monitoring the system

The Creator Studio will show you the list of all information you need to know. Such as- total viewers, stream health, lasts comments, etc. It is a way to overview of what is going on with your Facebook game streaming. The analytical data you find from here should be able to guide you about your streaming and how to improve more in the future.  

Final Verdict: Viola! So, that is how you can go live on Facebook playing video games. I Hope, our article could provide you necessary things about how to stream games on Facebook. To do a better job always keep your technical input up to date. Find out the best webcams and Microphones on Amazon or the trusted shop nearby.

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