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If you want to know how to increase likes on Instagram, all you have to do is read the tutorial I wrote below and put it into practice. If you like, let us know how your engagement on Buy Instagram likes cheap has increased.

First point: use your profile name to appear in as many searches as possible. You know that your name is searchable, right? I mean, if you are a photographer, but the word “Marco Rossi Photographer” as well, this will help you to appear if someone searches for the keyword photographer.

Point Two: in the biography of your profile, insert links. For example, if you have a blog, but the name of your site in the form of a link, as well as bringing you traffic it will give you authority. If instead you have invented a hashtag that you always use to identify your posts, insert #nomechehaiscelto and ask your followers to use it to attract your attention, maybe to show you a photo and get your opinion, then if the hashtag becomes viral even better, don’t you think?

Third point: use different fonts than those provided by Instagram, it’s simple: open a block note or a word page, write what you want to read in your bio, choose the font you prefer, maybe some other strange font that to you like it, copy the description and paste it on the top of your Ig profile. This trick will make you unique.

Fourth point: perfect, you commit yourself to make very beautiful photos. Pay attention to the subject, pay attention to the direction of the light and the quality, as well as to the quantity of light present in the photo. They are fundamental rules for making beautiful photos, and you respect them.

Fifth point: pay close attention to the post caption. Do not write something at random, if you have chosen to put that photo it is because you know perfectly well what reaction you want your followers to have and above all, you know exactly what they must do. Read here, I have already explained how.

Sixth point: use hashtags, but use 30. This is one of your biggest mistakes. If you use too many hashtags, the Instagram algorithm does not make you appear more in the search, but on the contrary, it penalizes you. Let’s say it tends to get a little annoyed, like when one wants to spam. It’s also true that the rules change constantly, 30 hashtags were fine 2 years ago, now if you use 5 or maximum 7 tags per post, it’s ideal, and don’t forget to change them continuously.

Seventh point: Use generic hashtags or even that has nothing to do with your photo. Try to be precise, I mean if there are sandwiches in your photo, use #food #panino #yummy or others that you deem suitable, do not use #sunset, and do not use imaginative hashtags coined by you, which I know is like # is good and not right. Surely there will be only one, yours.

Eighth point: if you put a post with the right hashtags, but put it in private mode, nobody will see it. It seems a triviality, but some people have not yet understood how Instagram is used.

Punto Noon: use the geo-location. If you are in Rome, once the photo is inserted, use the add place function, Instagram will automatically show you the place where the photo was taken, or the closest places to you at that moment. The geo-location function is very useful for reaching more people.

Tenth point: Use hashtags even when making stories. You can use up to 10 hashtags per story and this will make you appear on the explore page. 

Tip: if you don’t want your photo/video to disappear under the hashtags, use the pinch to zoom, or use your two fingers to reduce its size.

Eleventh point: if you find an interesting post, share it in your stories, in addition to sharing something interesting with your followers that you have found, you never know that the owner of the post does not spare the favor!

Twelfth point: surely you have already created your IGTV channel, well, now that you have your channel on Instagram TV, you must communicate it to your followers. Use the stories, create a link to your IGTV by clicking on the top right of the screen, select IGTV video and you’re done. Now your followers can swipe up from your story and go directly to your IGTV channel.

Thirteenth point: last but not least, or last but not least, respond quickly when a follower comments on your post. Interacting on social media is essential.

So, now that you know how to increase the Buy real Instagram followers in an organic way, you are ready to turbo and increase the followers as a direct consequence of everything you have just learned. Here I wrote to you what are the most popular hashtags, use the ones you think are most suitable for your post, they are divided by category and are the most used hashtags on Instagram.

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