There are lots of techniques to make a clipping path in Photoshop and you can use it it. The best and easiest one for your purpose. To make your photo clipping path the easiest and. The perfect manner you have to know about the clipping path first because. This will open the opportunity to select the right one for doing the right things.

Before going to the elaboration of the clipping path we want to make you understand what the clipping path is. So check out the blow definition about the clipping path which will take you 100% clear about its working and 80% sure about the process of it.

What clipping path is actually?

Clipping path is an editing process on the photos and you have to use this to figure out the best output on your images while you want to make their editing. It creates a path around the photos or in any specific parts of the photos as you want.

It helps to get the best-cropped photos for your using purposes. This largely works with the background and you can make the separation of the background and subject of the photo. These processes are widely used for making e-commerce photos. For any type of photo editing, you just need to take the help of a clipping path always.

How does the clipping path work?

Clipping path is a versatile need for your photo editing and this will help you to make out all the types of photo editing you want. Suppose you have taken some photos of your products and have found the below problems in the photo

  • Low light
  • Irrelevant background
  • The unexpected object in the photo
  • Shabby spots in the photo
  • Bad color contrast
  • Poor saturation

As you know that taking a perfect photo is very hard because all the time the environment will not be in your favor. Therefore, to make your photos perfect to look at you have to take the help of editing. But before starting any type of photo editing you have to have the clipping path first.

Clipping path will help you to solve all those above problems and you will get a perfect photo as you want for making your commercial marketing.

Processes of creating clipping path

If you want to make a clipping path by yourself then you have to follow some instructions so that you can easily make out your photo clipping path. Here we will mention all the easiest way so that you can create your photo clipping path yourself.

read out the below steps and follow them correctly and you will have all you want for the clipping path.

Suppose you want to remove the background from your photos, so you have to follow the below procedures.

Make sure you have installed the Adobe Photoshop CC and after opening your installed software do what we say.


Bring your photo in Adobe Photoshop CC and select the pen tool from the toolbar. You will find the toolbar on the left side of the screen. You can select the pen tool by clicking the P button on the keyboard. This is the shortcut option to select the pen tool.


Now make zoom in for your photo so that you can view the detail corners of the photo. This will help you to select and create the path properly. You will see all the edges of the photo and now you can go for making out the drawing around the photo.


Keep making the path around the photo. Do it for the whole photo until you reach out to your starting point from where you have started earlier. Once you are done with the drawing around the photo now it’s time to save your work.


Go to the path panel and click the menu you will see a dialogue box that has a clipping path option. Click on the clipping path option and your drawing will be saved.


As you are done with creating the path around the photo click Ctrl + left mouse pointer on the path menu for your photo. Now click Ctrl + j as you want to remove the background of the photo. Now save your expected working with Ctrl + Shift + S and you are done with the final output of your photo clipping path result.

Advice from professionals

If you think you want the best clipping path for your photos to make the below uses like

  • Ecommerce advertising
  • Catalog making
  • Menu making
  • Banner creation

You have to take help from an expert if you think you want to use your photos for the above uses. Because all the professionals can help you to get all the best and creative looking clipping pathed photos for the better uses of your commercial purpose. Hence hiring a professional will be the best choice for those reasons.

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