Organic content on a social media site refers to a number of people get to see your content without any promotion or payment. Meaning, a post or content reaches maximum potential clients like an unpaid promotion. 

It happens the same way as unpaid and voluntary advertising happens through word of mouth in offline spaces. Imagine this scenario, There is a new clothing shop in the neighborhood. You go there and find good quality clothes. The next day, you meet your neighbors and tell them about it. Your family is visiting from a nearby town and you take them there for shopping. This is a word-of-mouth promotion that too without any incentives. 

 The same promotion happens on social media through ‘likes’.  There is a business page you are following. They post something interesting and you hit the like button. Because of settings, this notification starts to appear on your friends’ news feed. So they also end up liking the post not because you like it but the reason being the post is informative and capturing. 

So what should you include in your content to increase the chances your page or post will get more likes and eventually a boost. Here is a comprehensive list. 

Tip #1: Social Media Profile 

Create a super social media profile. Make it concise and objective as much as possible. Keep the profile photo relevant and update it periodically. There are various sections of social media profiles including name, photo, description, URL. Make sure all sections are complete and accurate. 

About Us, section will add credibility to your page and help viewers easily access a list of your services or products. The title or name of the page should be easy to remember and easy to find in searches. 

Encourage visitors to like the page and turn on notifications so they get the latest updates. 

Tip #2: Cash on social media services 

Facebook has developed algorithms that you can cash on to boost posts in searches and otherwise.  The algorithm is a step by step guide to decide the ranking of the content. If you can provide all the required information it becomes easier to rank the content and likely it will appear at the top. 

Similarly, hashtags make it easier for users to track related content. Make sure to use relevant and useful hashtags with your posts. 

Tip #3: Comprehensive Engagement 

Engage with your audience. Keep your page alive with meaningful content that engages the audience. 

If there’s a comment that needs to be addressed, addresses it on time. There should be a systematic way of responding to comments and a policy of what kind of response be send. 

I have noticed a few pages replying to the same text to similar kinds of texts. Don’t overload. 

Tip #4: Hi-quality Content 

Develop and use meaningful content. Focus on current situations and issues and talk about them. Be neutral and respect the public sentiment. If you continue to post promotional content and advertisements, they will do more harm then good. No one wants to connect with advertisements only. Content that sparks interest and generates debate will win your readership. 

Experiment with a wide variety of content. Infographics, photos, text, and more importantly videos attract viewership. 

Tip #5: Host Events and contests 

One major part of the content generation encompasses events and contests. Online events are immediate hit provided they have reasonable content and a direction. Again, be mindful that overloading with the same content will not retain the audience. 

Take time to plan and organize events and contests. Introduce giveaways as a means to encourage participation. 

Tip #6: Utilize slow hours 

Strategize the number of posts a day and the timing of when posts are to be uploaded. In peak hours many posts from a number of users will keep occupying the newsfeed. This results in posts moving down the page making it hard to be noticed. Slow hours mean posts would stay at the top for long times. 

Tip #7: Strategic partnerships 

Develop relations with other businesses and pages who share the same philosophy as yours. Use these partnerships for sharing and cross-posting content, organizing events together, plan promotional activities. Such collaborations would be mutually beneficial and helpful to increase the viewer bank. 

Tip #8: Cross-promotion 

Other than collaborative partners, use your own various social media profiles and pages for the promotion of your content. Your website and other pages need to have buttons to share profiles and content. Links can be inserted into blogs for quick reference and to make them easily accessible. 

Tip #9: Invite to page 

Send invitations to all your contacts and indirect contacts through friends and family. Ask them to like and turn on notifications for your page. Request them to invite their contacts and share links of the page to them. This would increase your members and increase the chances of getting more likes. You can also buy facebook likes UK for your page boost and engagement. 

Tip #10: Expand your reach 

Use other means to expand your outreach. You can do it online through paid promotion and buying advertising space. Offline linkages are helpful too. Use your family and friends to talk about your business. Word of mouth from direct reliable sources adds authenticity and credibility.  You can also look into distributing leaflets and pasting posters at critical locations.

Tip #11: Quality not Quantity 

Last but not least, focus on quality and not the quantity. Just be consistent in your approach towards boosting your chances of getting more likes.

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