For a few of us who are not aware of the term ‘Real Estate’, let me enlighten you with some knowledge. A piece of land with restricted boundaries and ownership is called real estate. All the assets that fall into those boundaries belong to the owner of the land. Resources might include sources of water, crops, greenery, and similar reserves but these things fall in the category of natural assets while holdings like buildings, houses, commercial grounds, and everything like that are counted as man-made fortunes.

The difference between any other land and a land labeled as real estate is that. The later one is publicized for sale along with all the possessions together with natural and man-made revenues on the land.

Anything that is on sale or allowed to be bought cannot survive without a proper medium through which authentic buyers are guided to authentic and required products similar is the case with real estate buying and swelling.

Over time, people have come up with the idea of creating a company that will help real estate investors and sellers instead of them going to multiple people and getting into the vexation of dealing with different people with one agenda but numerous offerings. 

These companies are generally and collectively termed as a Real Estate Agency. Here the masses struggling to find suitable investors and sellers are entertained and served. And further detailed explanations given will help you understand better.


real estate agency is anything like a usual workplace except for the fact that here, the products that are on sale are huge lands and properties. The people who work here are designated according to their skills and requirements but for most, the noticeable members of a real estate agency are the Real Estate Agents or brokers.

The reason for the importance given to these workers is because they are the ones who are directly dealing with the clients. Suppose if I ask you to search for a commercial building located in the middle of the city and should be at least a 4 story building but I am not longing to buy the building however I am ready to pay the rent but it also should fall into the range of 200 to 500 USD per month and nothing more, sounds so demanding and arduous already, no? This is why Real estate agencies are preferred and paid for.

All you have to do is get in talks with any Real Estate Agent of your choice and trust. And tell them all your requirements. Not only they will find you the place but will also advise you regarding it. Your decision together with getting all your document work is done which again saves you from a lot of trouble.


Now what we have here is the online real estate business that is being glorified because of its unique benefits. Well, I will not say that I was not expecting it because honestly why not? I mean everything has moved to digital access than a business. That flourishes more than any other was also to elevate.

It works as casually as any other seller would run its trade, for starters. A website is created and announced with all the essential details about the company, its brokers.

And its terms and conditions along with its objectives then come the part that attracts the consumers. Which is the property display.

This is a crucial part but is done simply. I will just leave a generic statement here that the website will display the pictures and the necessary comprehensions about the sellers and the property they are selling along with the contact number of the owner of the property however some websites also decide to generate a form that will be shown to anyone interested to buy or rent a property.

The form usually includes a few questions like the type of property needed. The purpose (commercial or residential), location, rent range, etc. After filling the form. The website directs the surfer to the posts that fit the requirements of the buyers. This is time-saving and precise and if we judge technically. This is exactly what any Real Estate Vision would look like.

There are some formalities for the seller as well as the uploader has to prove. Its authenticity (every digital agency has its own criteria for it so I won’t state anything particular).

And then has to meet certain demands to be able to use the platform to showcase their property.


Now one of the fundamental and the final tasks about real estate is the registration of real estate before I tell you anything let me just make sure that you about what registering real estate actually refers to. It is the legal enrollment of your property, in a nutshell. When you sign an agreement or MoU with the party that is selling you or renting you their place. You are registering yourself responsible and in ownership of that land.

This means whatever legal and illegal (if any) activities will take place on the respective property, you will be held responsible for it.

With time the property dealing moved to the digital world and so did the process of registration. I think it is quite obvious and it would have been sane of me not to mention but the process of registering online is I think worth discussing. Some internet portals or a medium of connection to any other party are via websites hence for registration there are different websites offered by different agencies depending on the cities and countries of the property.

The process of registering property in online real estate includes. The payment of stamp duty charges online that you can discuss and calculate with the party you are dealing with. This goes without saying that several methods of transfer of money are there to facilitate you. Anyways, coming back to the topic, after paying the stamp duty you should immediately ask for a receipt. The payment and schedule a meeting in person with the sub-registrar. Here is all you have to do to get your property registered. Easy, isn’t it?