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Did you knew, you can have improved you writing skills?

Can you identify the four grammar mistakes in this sentence?

  • The usage of ‘knew’ instead of know, as the second form never comes with the word ‘did’
  • The use of the comma without any need
  • The phrase ‘can have’ instead of could have (could’ve)
  • The word ‘you’ rather than your

Pointing out such mistakes in bigger paragraphs and writings get extremely bothersome, time-consuming, and cause hassle. But what if all of the grammar reductions and additions are automatically done for people while they are writing on their devices? Life will have the relaxation, so would the eyes.

There are certain tools available on the internet through which you can improve the level and the criteria of your writing. Instead of taking assistance from the professionals and wasting a lot of time searching the correct words to make your sentence look perfect. Go for the programs and the software that offer you help. The most used and preferred one out of all is Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an American multi-national technology that is also known as an English Language writing tool which uses artificial intelligence and language processing. Whatever grammatical mistake you make while writing, Grammarly edits it for you.

Although, Grammarly has a lot of features that need to be discussed. Here are the five most prominent ones that are no less than a life-saver.

The grammar editor

The grammar editor of Grammarly corrects all your grammatical mistakes. Along with rectifying your mistakes, it also makes sure the piece you are writing is compelling. Engaging and attractive to the reader.


Are you one of those people who get bothered by the usage of different spellings of the same word? It is not grammatically incorrect but it makes your writing sloppy and boring.

Grammarly has this feature where it also brings the consistency in the writing by balancing out the words. Changing the words back and forth isn’t considered as an error but the consistency of the sentences might break. Grammarly can now also catch irrelevant capitalization of the words or inconsistent spellings which makes our life even easier.

Tone of the Writing

Grammarly wouldn’t want your writing to seem harsh or unfriendly thus it has introduced a new feature in the program that can identify the tone of your writing. You can now feel confident while writing through the usage of the right words. Punctuation marks capitalization, and accuracy in phrasing and makes it sound friendly.

Readability & Legibility

Overloaded sentences with difficult to pronounce and comprehend words, demotivates the reader to continue reading forward. Hence to make sure, you are using the accurate and understandable word, Grammarly has redefined their program to help make your writing easier to read.

Language variations

Did you know Grammarly also offers you to pick the variation of language according to your region? And all of it in free-of-cost. For instance, If you are from Great Britain and you have to write a proposal for an investor in the USA, you definitely wouldn’t have the complete idea of the American language.

  • The customize option where you can pick up the language you speak and write into.
  • After picking out the language, Grammarly offers you to select the variation of the language too under the ‘I write in’.

A lot of students are insecure about the way they speak English and their writing styles thus they never participate in tasks that involve them writing and reading. A huge population of those students is from the dissertation writing category, more specifically dissertation of subjective topics like English Literature, or History. Those students prefer more to buy English Literature Dissertation rather than writing it on their own because they find these service providers more reliable and authentic.

At long last,

The world is evolving and every day newer sustainable methods are coming in front of us to make our lives easier and less hectic. It’s the time you should start rocking your English essays with the help of Grammarly before it becomes a paid program.

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