When you own a pet, you consider your little friend nothing less than a family member and give them all the love, respect, and recognition they deserve.

When you plan on moving to another state and therefore have to ship your pet, safety is your major consideration. And would not compromise with it for anything. 

As the shipping process is a long and tedious process taken step by step. It consists of many steps where the person has to be very careful. About all the work that is needed to be done before the shipping takes place.

As complex and full of difficult choices as the process is. We have prepared a brief guide to prepare you well through the process. And provide you with the available options to make sure your pet reaches the destination safely:

Prepare your pet for cross country shipment-

Visit a vet: When you plan on traveling and doing a cross country pets shipping. Taking your pets to a vet becomes necessary as soon as you initiate the process. You are required to get a health certificate for your pet, mentioning the perfect health conditions for it. Transportation or shipment of unhealthy animals can become very difficult even for professional shipment services. Any state or country you are destined to travel to may. Ask you to show a certification as an essential document. Many states have implied strict rules regarding the importation of a pet at their places and, for doing so. We may require many documents where a health certificate is a compulsory document.


Your must also share your travel plans with the vet and make sure to collect any prescription or medicines required for the future until you could make another visit.

You must also ask for some significant precautionary methods you must take while going through. The process to make sure that your pet does not face any kind of problem. 

It is very important for your pet to stay calm during the shipment and may create problems for everyone if it feels uneasy and is scared during any step of the process.

To avoid such conditions, the vet may prescribe anti-anxiety medication to make your journey smooth and problem-free. Although, there may be some side-effects of sedation and therefore is not advisable to undertake when flying. Considering the special condition of your pet’s action, the vet may give a low dosage to bring it under control. Although we understand your love for your pet and your intuitions may not allow you to give tranquilizers. But, if the professional vet advises you to do so, you must take action and ignore your Guilt.


Get the paperwork in order:

As mentioned above, if you are traveling by air, the health certificate is required as an essential document. You are required to submit the health certificate termed as Airline Veterinary Health Certificate in the Airlines prior to 7-10 days of the shipment.

Failing in this may result in the rejection to permit the shipment orders and may become a concern of huge trouble for you.

You must also make sure that you contact. The airline services and ask them about all the other documents that are required.

you should be fully reversed with the shipment policies of the destined country or state because different states follow different laws. 


These do not want to get stuck after landing at the airport due to a lack of documents available. You must also carry a vaccination certificate of your pet as many authorities require the animal to have the right vaccination.

People must be aware that the animal entering their area is safe or not carrying. Any pests along with them, if restricted. The pet carrying or any sign of having a pet will strictly be rejected as an entry in many states.

You must also carry the license of your pet, the identification tag placed on him. And also must ensure that you install a microchip on his foot or any such body part. This helps in relocating it in case it gets lost or is stolen. The ID tags and microchips act as inexpensive tracking methods to save you from going through trouble.

How to choose a perfect container for your pet:

No matter what transportation you plan on shipping your pet through but you cannot go through it without a proper pet container. You will find the different shape and sized containers in the market, and choosing a perfect one for your loving animal may seem difficult to you.

To make a perfect choice, you must follow a rule of selection where the container must be big to have enough space for it to stand and a small stroll around. But it must not be very large and should be compatible with placing it under the seat. 


The container should be made of rigid metal, wood, or plastic. You must be especially cautious about the locks, which should be made of proper metal and should be in a condition of operating perfectly.

The container must also have a handle which makes it feasible for you or the transporter. To easily lift it and place it anywhere as per the requirement.

The pet carrier must have removable wheels or no-wheels. So that it could not cause undesirable movements while on the journey.

You must ensure that the container has a latch equipped on the door and should not contain a lock in case of emergency need of getting the pet out in a quick motion. 

Also, you must not forget to label the container to avoid any confusion and placing disorder for the transportation service. You must also place at least 2 empty dishes accessible to put food and water inside it. To provide feeding ease for the transportation service providers and for yourself. You must also place proper bedding requirements in the container to avoid any discomfort for your pet.

You must take care of all the above points and make. The shipment a smooth and relaxing experience for your pet.

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