It is a human tendency to try and explore new things, whether it is technology or nature. Whenever any new thing comes into the market, people like to buy that if it is in their budget. One can purchase fruits from different areas in the market due to globalization, and people find foreign fruits more captivating as these are new to them. If you have tasted many fruits and are bored of eating the same fruit, then this fruit is the solution for you. However, this can be a bit expensive to you as this is imported from other countries, and flavors are also not there because they pluck these fruits long before they should be plucked. The ripe fruit can rot on the way of its delivery, so they pick them from the plant before its ripening.

The solution to this problem can be producing these fruits in your own country, but some of them require special climate conditions. You can still produce some of them with special care and attention like keeping them indoors to protect them from extreme cold and hot weather. This can be a little hard for you. There are also foreign fruits the weather requirements of which match with that of in your region; hence you would be happy to grow them. Online shopping of indoor plants has made it easier for people to get any kind of plant at home without stepping out of their house. They can even buy seeds of any kind of vegetable and plant.

Do you know dragon fruit?

You may have seen this red or pink-colored fruit in the market, but you would have never tasted it, or it can be possible that you would have never seen this fruit in the market but in pictures or videos. The reason being the cost of this fruit is high beyond the reach of common people. The dragon fruit is from the family of cactus and is said to be the native of South America, whereas it is mostly produced in Vietnam. It is a climbing cactus that needs support to flourish.

The stems are fleshy, as in most cactus plants. The yellow-colored flowers bloom for one night and die in the morning, and that is also known as ‘night-blooming cereus.’ Night-blooming cereus is those kinds of cactus the flowers of which blooms once at night, and some even bloom once in a lifetime only for one night. These flowers are of big size, and their blooming time can be from one a.m. to three a.m. The color of the fruit can be red, pink, or yellow with the flesh of red, pink, or white color.

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How many types of Pitahayas are there?

As mentioned earlier, the fruit, which is also called Pitahaya, is available in three different colors. Some types of dragon fruit plants can self-fertilize, but some require pollination. The flowers are seen blooming once at night time, so there can be a rare chance of them to be pollinated by insects. It would be better for you if you do pollination with the help of your hands to get fruit from every flower. The female and male flowers grow in the same plant. The female flowers are smaller in size than male flowers.

Sugar Dragon, Red Laverne, Physical graffiti (sour), Red Jaina, Ecuador Polara, yellow, Vietnam white, Hailey’s Comet, and Tricia are some of the varieties of dragon fruit. Physical graffiti can have a sour taste. The dragon fruit of yellow color is not so common, which is Ecuador Polara.

How to plant the dragon fruit plants in your home?

It is easier and more productive to grow this plant through propagation than planting it to throw seeds because it can take more time if with the second method. If you do not have access to cuttings, then you can buy a small plant from the market, or you can order plants online. You can get fruits after nine to twelve months if you plant using cutting. However, growing through seeds can take about three to five years to bear fruit.

Soil for this climbing cactus

The soil of this cactus plant should have a mixture of garden soil, river sand, and compost. The soil should have the ability to drain out excess water. Thus the sand is put into it. You can use vermi composting or cow dung. Small pots should be used for growing plants then you can shift the plant in a big container.

Propagation of Pitahaya

For propagation, you should take the cutting of six to seven inches from the mother plant. Let these cuttings dry for some time and then plant them in the soil mixture. You can shift the plant in a big pot after seventy to ninety days. You should be careful while transferring the plant as any part of the plant should not be damaged. If seeds are sown, then these can become plants after forty to fifty days. As plants grow big in size, it should be provided with some kind of support.

Pollination by hands

When you see the flowers, then you should pick up the small pollen from . The male blossoms and place them on the female blossoms. In this way, you can do the hand pollination of the flowers.

Harvesting of fruit

You can harvest the fruit forty to forty-five days after pollination, but you should be careful while plucking the fruits. You should use a clean and sharp cutter so as to avoid any damage to other parts of the plant. The condition of the fruit can be observed from its color. There can be tinting of pink, red or yellowish color depending on the variety when the fruit begins to ripe. You should not harvest it until it completely changes its color from green to red, pink, or yellow. There are also other signs like the fruit will become softer.

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