Finding Chic Eyeglasses are more than just functional items that help you see. They can also play a big role in your style. Getting new frames can help you redefine your look and show others a part of your personality. However, glasses are almost always modeled by young adults and many style articles are written for that audience as well. So, how do you find chic prescription glasses after 40?


Why the Right Eyewear Is Important

First, it is worth noting that eyewear may be more important to style than you think. Although glasses are a small accessory with a functional purpose, they are one of the most significant parts of your outfit. These are a few reasons that you should seriously think about your frames:

  • People See Them First: Humans naturally look at each other’s faces. We also look at people’s eyes almost right away. In other words, despite being much smaller than clothing or a bag, eyeglasses may frequently be the first thing that people notice about your outfit.
  • They’re an Accessory: Accessorizing can be a great way to add character and depth to an outfit. Glasses are great accessories. The best thing about them is that you can match them to other items or have them stand out with a pop of color. Even the shape of the frames can help to define a look.

They Can Completely Change a Look: The right pair of glasses can turn a relatively plain outfit into a bold statement. Alternatively, you can opt for something perfectly coordinated but subtle. In short, you can change your style by simply changing your glasses.

How To Select the Right Glasses for Your Face

Before exploring tips for selecting glasses after 40, it is important to know a few tips for choosing glasses at any age. Everyone has a different face shape and size. Planning your glasses based on your face will help you to achieve a much more appealing look.

  • Oval: Ovular faces tend to look great with relatively square frames that contrast the curves of your face. Aviators, rectangular, browline, and square frames all look good. Conversely, oversized glasses tend to look odd.
  • Round: For round faces, some similar rules apply. Rectangular, square, and aviator frames all look good. Appropriately sized round glasses can too. Avoid small, oval, or browline frames.
  • Square: If you have a square face, consider browline, aviator, round, cat-eye, or oval frames. Avoid small frames or rectangular ones because they look awkward on a square face.
  • Diamond: Round, cat-eye, browline, and oval frames all work excellently for a diamond face. However, rectangular and square glasses work less well.
  • Pear: For a pear-shaped face, consider browline or aviator glasses. Avoid frames that are square, round, or ovular.
  • Heart: Rectangle, round, aviator, geometric, and oval frames tend to complement a heart-shaped face. Square, bowline, and oval frames do not.

Make sure to measure the width of your face when choosing glasses. While you may want to grab a pair of oversized frames for your prescription glasses, this should be an intentional style choice. Knowing the perfect fit and adjusting from there is a good plan.

Tips for Choosing Eyeglasses After 40

With the above advice in mind, you can start thinking about the right pair of glasses if you are over 40. Everyone’s style is different, and you can and should choose whatever makes you happy. However, the majority of people want to select frames that will downplay their age (or at least not accentuate it). So, if you want to show everyone that you are full of life, you can do so with the right frames.

Consider avoiding metal rims, frames than droop down, coke bottle lenses, half glasses and any boring or outdated styles. In other words, go big with your glasses (though not necessarily literally big). Select something that is bold and jumps off your face.

You can add warmth and softness to your facial features by selecting colorful frames. Conversely, harsh, metal frames tend to make your face look more severe. Some people love timeless colors such as black with enticing frame shapes. Another great option is a clear pair of frames with a unique shape.

For many people, frames with a slight tilt at the outer edges can be a good way to draw the eye upward, helping to offer a more youthful look. Although being over 40 does not mean you are over the hill, many of us start to fall victim to gravity around that age. So, options such as cat-eye frames can provide an uplifting effect that is sort of like getting a fast facelift.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to settle on a single pair of frames. You can select a few options to match your mood and your outfit.

Selecting the Perfect Color

As mentioned above, the right color can have a big impact on how youthful your glasses look. Again, this is a matter of preference. However, most people agree that different colors have their own impacts on how you are perceived.

For example, red can add some warmth to your style. This is a great eye-catching color without being overpowering. It can be a nice addition to graying hair and cool complexions.

Black is always a go-to for just about every fashion piece. Certainly, some people think of black as being a little boring. However, the right frames in black can be timeless and stunning.

Cooler colors such as blue and gray can also be very nice. They have a different effect than red. However, when done right, a nice pair of blue frames can be just as eye-catching as a warm, bright color.

Find the Right Prescription Glasses Today

Finding the right pair of prescription glasses can help you to complete your look. Glasses help us see, protect our eyes, and even define our style. So, make sure to check out the full catalog of options at Safety Gear Pro. Although we are best known for safety eyewear, we also have plenty of casual frames, sunglasses, and more. Find the right frames for you then customize your prescription lenses. Order today.

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