The steam burns is a kind of thermal burn. It can happen to anyone, but people with some medical conditions are at high risk of instant burn or the healing process. Not only skin can be harmed by a steamed burn but it can hurt any exposed area of the body. 

Burns are wounds that are caused by different conditions, such as radiation, chemicals, etc. but steamed burns occur due to the heat. Such kinds of scalds cause hot liquids and steam.

According to a recent survey of Awadh hospital, around 40% of people experience steam burns. And most of the scalds occurred in the home or while cooking in the kitchen.

In steam burn, the outer layer does not seem damaged or harmed, but the fact is that it damages the lower skin layers. That might results in because:

  • The high temperature of the liquid 
  • Area of the burn 
  • Time to steam exposure 

Medical science has classified steam burns into three categories, such as first degree, second degree, and third degree. 

Hot water causes third-degree burns, but it does not affect the out layer as much as it can damage the inner layers. 

How to Treat Scald Injury?

You need to practice the following ways if you ever have a scald injury:

  1. Cooldown the exposed or burned area of your body with water, but make sure it is not cold.
  2. Use a bandage to cover up the burned area, or you can use a clean dry cloth. 
  3. Leave the skin and don’t apply any cream or ointments. 
  4. Honey prevents the infection and releases the pain instantly. 
  5. Aloe Vera gel is the best home remedy you need to treat burns.
  6. Avoid sunlight exposure as it can worsen your burn injury. Too much sun exposure can deepen your burn wound. 
  7. Cleaning the burn with cool water will not allow the bacteria to grow. It also heals your wounds fast. 
  8. Plastic wrap is considered an effective home remedy. 
  9. You can use antibiotic creams as they can also lead to a fast healing process. 
  10. In case your eyes or face are burned, you need to sit upright to avoid inflammation. 
  11. Get medical help 

There are some wrong misconceptions to treat the steam burns that you need to avoid.

Myths to Avoid About Steam Burn Treatment 

Some of the ineffective remedies you need to learn about that can only deepen your wounds. 

Butter: Butter traps heat and does not allow it to release. In this way, it does not allow your wound to heal.

Ice: Never consider ice as a treatment for a steam burn. You need to avoid it because ice causes irritation to the skin, or it can increase the burning sensation.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste increases the bacteria and does not heal your wound.

Egg Whites: Uncooked egg whites cannot do anything to your burn. But it can help the bacteria to grow. 

How to Prevent Yourself from Steam Burn?

  • You should turn the pot handles toward the rear of the stove. 
  • Don’t carry a child in the kitchen.
  • Never keep rugs near the stove. 
  • You should set the water temperature below 120ºF.
  • Check the temperature of the water before your child’s bath.
  • Never leave hot water near the kids or pets. 

When you need to visit Doctor

Some conditions require medical help immediately.

  • When you notice that your burn injury become smelly 
  • When you feel severe pain 
  • Having a third-degree burn
  • If you have steam burn your face, buttock, hands, etc.
  • When you develop a high temperature

Do you know what a third-degree wound looks like?

Your wound turns dark brown, develops a leathery texture, waxy, etc. 


Experts from Amjad hospital say that we need to get medical help for third-degree burns instead of waiting for some miracle. Never believe in myths as applying oils or butter can deepen your wound and does not let your injury heal. 

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