Often people think that eating before going to bed is not suitable for health and they think that this kind of thought comes from the old beliefs.

In which people believe that eating before going to sleep can increase your weight and heavyweight is not good for overall health. Keenly the modern people claim that eating some healthy food before sleep can help you to reduce weight.

Are you confused? Do you want to know something scientifically proven regarding your healthy eating habits before bedtime? then let me share with you some individuals regarding this purpose.

Is bedtime eating controversial?

Whether it is absolutely clear the difference between dinners and sleep time eating. Some experts still say that bedtime eating is controversial for them for increasing weight.

They believe that in sleep time, your metabolism works slower, and you can increase weight; this way, all undigested calories store in your body and increase fat.

On the other hand, health providers often say that it is fine to sleep with a full tummy; even you can lose weight by eating some healthy snacks before sleep.

However, it can be controversial for many people that they should eat at sleep time or not? Desperately the evidence supports both sides.

As per on some trusted resources, slow metabolism while sleep increase weight, and the sleep time basal metabolic rate means the same in the day time. Make sure the human body needs lots of energy in sleep to fight with many impurities.

Eating before bedtime advantages:

Well, for many people having a full tummy in the bed is not good at all, but for some folks, it is considerable anyway.

  • Weightless due to healthy nighttime snacks:

Snacks are compulsory in our lives that we cannot skip. Some genuine suggestion supports healthy snacks (at sleep time) may lead to reduce weight.

  • Better sleep:

Personally, I would like to say that I cannot sleep with an empty tummy and needs something to make it full before going to bed. People who really don’t care about lose or increase weight can easily have anything before sleep in order to get proper sleep time.

  • Stabilized fasten blood sugar:

For a diabetic patient, it is good to have something healthy before bed. In the morning, our liver starts making extra glucose (blood sugar) to give you the energy to get up.

This process is good for those who are normal and not having diabetes, but for diabetic patients, this is not supposed to be.

However, they need something extra to maintain the sugar level. Afterall a diabetic liver cannot produce enough insulin to maintain blood sugar level.

Eating before bedtime disadvantages:

In the range of bedtime eating habits, reflux is the most common curious health problem that we can experience.

(GERD) or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a usual health disorder that makes a person uncomfortable. 20 to 50% of western populations avoid eating before going to sleep.

In Gastroesophageal reflux disease, stomach acid throwback into the throat and make you heartburn and swallowing difficulty. Even some people complain of asthma at night due to (GERD).

Keep in mind that the full stomach can easily splash the acid up and you may feel a lot of worsening feeling. Nonetheless, if you are having refluxed, then please avoid a single spoon of anything in meal about three hours before sleep.

Bottom lines:

Eating healthy foods can increase your health, but the timing is conditioned. Still, in this modern age still, it is controversial that having “Eating before sleep time” is good or not? Well, here we have brief some short but meaning full of evidence that you can read calmly!

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