Unlike many countries, the freelance community in Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace day by day.  In 2019 alone, the number of remote workers amounted approximately to 1.5 million.  To make the ends meet, many young individuals are joining freelancing as a full-time career while others consider it as a part-time source of passive income. 

With government and private sector joint ventures that are launched such as Digital Pakistan, e-rozgaar, and Digiskills, the freelance community of Pakistan is determined to become the top IT services provider in near future. 

Gig Economy- where Pakistan stands? 

As of the year 2019’s report of the global indexing indicator and renowned international journal Forbes, Pakistan ranked fourth among the top five countries that provide services to gig marketplaces around the world.

U.S secures the top position in the list with a 78% growth rate followed by the UK and Brazil with 59% and 48% respectively. With almost 47% market global market share. Freelancers that are working from Pakistan have managed to pull in millions of dollars to the country’s economy every year. 

Coworking Space Contribution

Coworking space is taking over the typically stuffy, conventional corporate offices of the past. However, the coworking space industry is not only changing workplace vibes in the country.  But also adds up economic value to Pakistan’s economy in many ways such as; 

Employment Opportunities

Workspaces provide people with employment opportunities for managing the space. These shared workspaces provide a well-organized workspace setup for freelancers and IT professionals that improve their productivity and work efficiency. However, the coworking space industry gains its grip because it offers more than just a workspace. Apart from completely redesigning the workplace experience for individuals, the positive impacts of the coworking space industry are beyond the space walls for the local economy and progressive society.

Many miscellaneous exciting benefits such as networking with professionals, cost-effectiveness, work autonomy. Corporate office exposure and community engagement are some of the highly rewarding factors that influence remote workers towards shared workstations. 

Coworking units ensure features like mutual collocation, complete self-autonomy, reliability of services, and utilities. And the freedom to craft personalized work schedules. 

Many people that are associated with coworking communities enjoy their working lifestyle. When they come around with professional diversity in a shared workspace. 

Startups Support

Furthermore, coworking space entities also play an important part in the revival of the startup environment in Pakistan. Many full-time freelancers eventually establish their own startup ventures. And begin to think like entrepreneurs by outsourcing freelance assignments to the team and other counterparts.

The rise in startups and medium level enterprises in Pakistan is ultimately ramping up employment opportunities and sustainable economic growth in the country. 

For people residing in the capital city of Rawalpindi, coworking units mostly offer small offices for rent in the Islamabad region to support local freelancers and startup entrepreneurs.

Fully equipped with state of the art technology, comfort, and ambiance— the idea of coworking space is truly transforming the workplace.

Culture for the Pakistani remote workforce which finally results in more economic profitability. 


The evolution of the workplace environment is transforming the freelance-driven economy of Pakistan. The coworking space industry provides people with employment opportunities and startup incubation support that allows freelancers. And budding entrepreneurs to carry out economic activities in a joint workplace facility. 

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