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If you are attempting to open your corporation record and you get a -6000, XXXX mistakes. This error is generally followed by three or 4 greater digits and a message indicating which you are not able to open the company file.

Step 1: Update QuickBooks

Step 2: Download the QuickBooks equipment Hub and run report medical doctor.

In case you nonetheless experience the difficulty after using the device. Carry out the following solutions inside the order shown. Quickbooks enterprise support.

The -6000 mistakes can manifest on each local and community setup. Pick the best setup from the subsequent alternatives and perform the advocated steps.

You are commencing the file domestically

This means you are commencing a record that is saved on the identical laptop in which QuickBooks is set up.

Solution 1: The .ND and.TLG files are a part of your QuickBooks documents. 

If those files are corrupted or broken, you may come across those errors when you open your QuickBooks files. Renaming those documents will no longer purpose you to lose QuickBooks statistics. Those documents are mechanically re-created whilst you rescan the use of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and while you open your corporation report.

Open the folder that incorporates your organization record.

Locate the files with the equal report name as your business enterprise documents however with extensions.ND and.TLG.



Right-click on every file and select Rename. Upload the phrase vintage at the stop of each report call. Instance: company_file.Qbw.Nd.Old

Open QuickBooks once more and try to register for your employer document. If the equal problem takes place, continue to answer 2.

Solution 2: Open a sample organization document

By means of establishing a pattern agency record, you’re testing if the hassle in all likelihood lies along with your enterprise record or the QuickBooks utility. If a sample employer report does no longer open and rather returns blunders. It is an indication that the QuickBooks set up is damaged and must be repaired.

In the No corporation Open window, select Open a pattern report and select any from the listing of pattern organization documents.

If the pattern report opens, proceed to solution 3. If the sample record returns the identical error message, restore your QuickBooks set up files.

Solution 3: reproduction the QuickBooks record at the laptop

By way of copying the report at the computing device and opening it, you’re testing if there may be a problem with the vicinity of the enterprise record. If the record opens even as it’s miles saved on the computing device, it way the area is probably damaged or it’s far “too deep,” it exceeded the file device direction hindrance. If the document still did not open after changing it is vicinity, it is possible the file is broken.

Discover the file with the extension.QBW.

Right-click on at the file, then select reproduction. Visit computer, right-click anywhere on the computer, then pick out Paste.

At the same time as holding down the manipulate key, open QuickBooks so that you are directed to the No enterprise Open window.

Click Open or restore a current enterprise. Navigate to the desktop and locate the company report you copied and open.

In case you are nevertheless getting the same blunders, please continue to solution four.

Solution 4: repair a backup

Since the corporation document did not open even if it becomes moved to an exceptional location, you can restore a backup reproduction of your company report to test if the trouble is with the cutting-edge employer file (.QBW).

If you experience errors whilst restoring the backup, follow these steps:

Test that your computer is not web hosting.

Open the corporation report.

From the report menu, select Utilities.

If stop website hosting Multi-consumer get right of entry to is indexed:

Pick the prevent web hosting Multi-person access.

Within the prevent hosting multi-user get entry to the window, select sure.

Inside the agency, the file must be closed window, click yes.

Ensure the path to your organization report is no greater than 210 characters long.

Go to the area of your business enterprise record.

Reproduction the direction from the deal with bar at the pinnacle.

Paste it for your notepad and matter the person together with the spaces. 

If the mistake persists, proceed to solution five.

Solution 5: 

If the employer document is damaged, it’s far recommended to recover lost data with QuickBooks auto records recuperation.

You are establishing the report over the network

This means you are starting the enterprise report saved at the server or another pc.

Solution 1: take a look at if web hosting is becoming on, on all laptop

It is recommended to have one laptop/Server to host the agency files.

Press F2. The Product facts window opens.

Locate local Server records. Hosting has to become off.

Solution 2: The .ND and.TLG documents are a part of your QuickBooks files. Those are configuration files that permit QuickBooks to get entry to an enterprise report in a community or multi-consumer surroundings.

If these files are corrupted or broken, you may stumble upon. These errors while you open your QuickBooks documents. Renaming those files will no longer reason you to lose QuickBooks facts. 

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