FHIR (pronounced “fire”) is a specification that specifies data formats and elements (referred to as “resources”). As well an application programming interface (API) (EHR). The Health Level Seven International Health Quality Organization created the standard (HL7).

FHIRS is built on the standards of prior versions of the HL7 format. Such as versions 2.x and 3.x. However, because it employs a current web-based API. Set with the ability to describe data in JCSON, XML, or RDF using an HTTP-based RESTful protocol. The implementation is simpler. 1st One of its goals is to improve interoperability between legacy healthcare systems. Making it easier for healthcare providers and individuals to provide healthcare information on a variety of devices. Being computers, tablets, and mobile phone systems. And to allow third-party technology developers to easily integrate medical apps into existing systems.

By explicitly exposing specific data pieces as utilities. FHIRS provides an alternative to document-centered techniques. Patients, admissions, medical records, and prescriptions are all vital parts of healthcare that can be retrieved and changed from their own resource.


FHIRS is divided into sections based on the resources available (e.g., patient, observation). Fhirs profiles can be used to get more information. Any Service (for example, binding to a specific terminology). A set of profiles such as the United States Interoperability Core Data. May be included in an Implementation Guide (IG) (USCDI).

The HTTPS (HTTP Secure) protocol is built on top of FHIRS. Real-time data collecting analytics tools can extract and interpret FHIR resources. Healthcare organisations may collect data in real time from defined resource models, according to that criteria. A data store can be used to transport and compare FHIRS resources. Epidemic monitoring, prescription medication fraud, drug interaction alerts, and a reduction in emergency room wait times are all viable applications.

CommonWell Health Alliance and SMART are two prominent IT companies who are interested in and testing FHIRS (Substitutable Medical Applications, Reusable Technologies).

FHIR data structures

FHIRS data structures, servers, clients, and tools are open source and implemented in a variety of languages. Including HL7, FHIR, and HAPI-FHIR in Java, and SMART in FHIR.

At the FHIR Applications Roundtable in July 2016, a number of suggestions were presented. [1 The Sync for Science profile (S4S) is based on FHIR and is used in medical research investigations to facilitate requests for patient electronic health information (and, if approved by the patient).

Apple’s iPhone Health App will give you access to medical records that comply with the FHIR standard. Important hospital networks including as Johns Hopkins Medicine, Penn, Penn Medicine. Dignity Health, healthcare ux NYU-Langone Medical Center, and others attended the lance.

Health IT Policy

The United States Health IT Policy and Standards Committee has approved calls for more open (public) APIs. FHIr is now the best candidate API option, according to the US JASON task force report. And such APIs should be included in stage 3 of the US health information technology standards of “meaningful use” for economical and clinical health. FHIR is the best suitable API solution right now. The Argonaut project, which will offer acceleration financing and political will to develop FHIR implementation guidelines and profiles for interoperability of queries/responses and document recovery by May 2015. Has the support of a wide range of US stakeholders. Medical record systems may avoid exchanging complex documents. On Clinical Document Architectures by exchanging collections of simple, more flexible, and interoperable FHIR JSON artefacts (CDA). First, two FHIR profiles that met the meaningful usage criteria were created. As well an OAuth 2.0 authentication implementation guide.

The Healthcare Services Platform Consortium has inked a collaboration agreement (now called Logical). Some of the benefits and challenges of connecting FHIRS to current systems and having. Physicians use them have been illustrated through experience with the development of FHIR-based medical apps linked to existing electronic record systems. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its final rule on Interoperability and Patient Access. Based on the Cure Act of the Twenty-First Century. In 2020 order to enable CMS to use FHIRS by 2021 and include Medicare Advantage. Healthcare consulting companies in the United States carers, state-owned medicaid systems, and health plans in the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.

Author Bio: 

The author is a well-known medical app expert in the United States. He’s attempting to make his hl7 file more versatile. Which has outstanding reviews and a visually appealing portfolio. The author chooses folio3 as a software development company.

Do you need a present for your husband’s promotion? We have some fantastic promotion gift ideas for your husband that will make him feel valued, loved, and on top of the world. But, even better, we help you understand his mood so you may not only pick him great gifts but also gifts that match his mood. So keep reading to learn how to make your guy feel fantastic.

So, now that you’re shopping and thinking to send gifts online to your husband, you’ve probably discovered that it’s a difficult task. You’ll need to choose items that appeal to his tastes and preferences, as well as items that speak to the two of you about the event. If you still don’t know what to get him, don’t worry; keep reading to learn about the top 10 gift ideas for husband promotion that are perfect for this occasion.

Singapore Vacation

After all the time and effort he has put in at work, giving him a wonderful holiday just the two of you is something he would appreciate. It would also be beneficial for you two to spend some time off and enjoy yourself in a multicultural setting such as Singapore. For just less than Rs.40,000 per person, you can book an instant holiday package to the exciting multicultural cosmopolitan destination. Most of the holiday package includes food, lodging, and a variety of additional items. Surely now is the time to relax for a few days and celebrate your accomplishments!

A day at Fountains Spa is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Who says males don’t enjoy going to the spa? Your spouse would love a day at the fountain spa, where he can unwind and relax with a massage, sauna, steam, and other services while sipping his favourite tea or coffee. You can purchase a one-day card and choose the therapies that interest you and him. It can also be a good idea to get two passes and spend the day at the spa with your partner.

70 mm Surprise

Although this item is the most costly on the list, it is absolutely worth every penny. For less than Rs.10,000, you can fulfil your husband’s goal of appearing on a 70 mm movie screen. You can display two photographs and messages on the theatre screen for 15 seconds at any movie outlet across the country, which is only available through online cinema sites. However, you must book ahead of time and double-check the price as it may vary from city to city. Simply select the theatre, film, and showtime, then sit back and enjoy the show.

Lifestyle Gift Card

Is there something your husband has been wanting to get for a long time? Didn’t get to shop and indulge as much as he wanted? You can, however, attempt to rectify the situation. You can get a gift card of Rs.1,000 on Amazon India, which entitles you to shop for the same amount at any Lifestyle or Home Centre retailer across the country. It also comes with a slew of other perks and savings that might help your money go further. You may also discover similar gift cards online if your husband isn’t a fan of Lifestyle or likes a different brand.

Love Explosion Box

Cards and letters have always been the traditional way of expressing your affection, and they have a special allure that no other medium can match. If you agree, you can order the Love Explosion box from Bonding Gifts. It’s similar to a greeting card, but with a unique twist. It looks like a box, and when the lid is lifted, the contents, which are 45 various photos and a cute bear in the middle, explode out. This is a one-of-a-kind present that would be appropriate for this occasion, and it comes in black and red.

Special Flower Hamper

Flowers and chocolates are, without a doubt, the traditional present for such an occasion. On the online gift delivery portal, you can purchase this signature present with some more modern additions, which includes a package with 12 roses in a bouquet, a teddy bear, a 500 grams truffle cake, and 5 Dairy Milk chocolates. The present is elegantly packaged and would be an excellent choice for this occasion because it is romantic and also suggests a joyful attitude. You might also order this hamper as an add-on to a gift you’d like to give.

You can also think of additional methods to make your dear husband’s day more special and unforgettable. It might be anything from planning his favourite supper to taking him away for the weekend to a destination he’s been wanting to see for a long time.

To administer your Magento store, you’ll need some more tools. Magento Store Manager was created to make Magento administration more user-friendly and accessible to all types of business owners. It combines the features of several addons to make all of your tasks more manageable.

Many entrepreneurs are claimed to trust Magento’s. Shopping cart in various internet enterprises. Making it one of the largest and most successful e-commerce sites. This shopping cart uses Nokia, Olympus, Samsung, Lenovo, and many other brands. Several merchants, on the other hand, do not want those who aren’t as polished and advanced to use this forum. Magento is well-known for its intricate eCommerce platform architecture and features. This drew some entrepreneurs in. But others were put off by the prospect of working on this platform.

First start working with Magento

When you first start working with Magento, you’ll run into a few issues. All of the functions of the programming expertise must be completely utilised. Another option is to hire someone to do it for you. Not all business owners will be thrilled to spend more money and entrust their company’s management to a stranger.

You’ll need a lot of plugins and modules to utilise Magento as a shopping cart, so your work will be a lot easier. They do an excellent job at streamlining the procedure, but paying for both of them will be ineffective.

Another option is to use the shop manager for Magento migration services. This is a Windows-based tool that makes managing an online store much easier. What is this odd app? It simplifies a lot of chores that appear to be too challenging for you to do. This software can be used for inventory management. Product attribute addition and upgrades. Product tree-category organisation, order management, and other applications. Migration from Magento to Shopify. This device can work on multiple things at the same time. You can adjust the price or discount of thousands of items in a matter of seconds.

Magento Store Manager

The Magento Store Manager does not require any programming knowledge. It is simple to use for the average PC user. This is a pretty simple and quick technique when it comes to installation. After that, you may try the official Magento Store Manager and obtain a preview of the version of Magento Store Manager. To use all of the software’s functions, you only need to acquire a licence.

The software’s adaptability is remarkable. From the product management and category management pages, you may add, amend, Magento to Shopify Migration and delete products and categories, as well as change current product attributes. With the help of customer management, you can organise all of your clients’ information in one location. Additionally, Store Manager features a robust Magento ordering solution. All of your orders can be organised filtered. And exported to an excel.csv file if you choose to do so.

For expert clients, the Raw Table Editor allows you to work directly with your database tables.

Magento Optimization Store Manager makes Magento management simpler and more accessible to all sorts of business owners. The functionality of many extensions have been. Incorporated to help you with any work you may have. There are still a lot of online storage providers to choose from, but one thing is clear: Magento’s Store Manager is a fantastic way to save time. Article Enter time and money, and you’ve created a task that’s both fun and dreadful to manage.

Authors’ biographies: Jhon leads digital marketing communications for folio3 Development Company’s business IT services.

With the popularity of the sport of boxing today, and how effective boxing is. The provision of individual boxing training services can effortlessly lead an entrepreneur to generate more income. In fact, this kind of activity is very good and can lift you up significantly. 

This earning idea is great for someone who loves this wonderful sport. Work combined with what you love is wonderful and even more, because it is wonderful to do what you love, which also brings profit. 

In this area, people who have a standard attitude to boxing as a sport can create their own type of business.

Boxing services 

In the beginning, you need to decide for yourself where you are going to conduct training. This can be done both indoors and outdoors. Although the second option is highly dependent on the seasons and weather conditions. 

The most acceptable option is to conduct workouts in a room with all the necessary amenities. The premises can be rented or built of your own. The second option is acceptable if you decide to seriously invest in this type of business. 

A gym and shower will be required. You will also need bags, pears for practicing different blows and, of course, the ring itself. 

There is no need to save on sports equipment in the same way as for normal workouts. As well as for the durability of the sports equipment themselves (after all, they will wear out much faster than when one person uses them no more than twice a week), cheap equipment will not work … 

It is worth saying that athletes who will train in your gym will highly appreciate high-quality sports equipment.

Muay thai or thai boxing 

There is another type of boxing in which individual training can be carried out – this is Thai boxing or Muay Thai, which is the main martial art of Thailand.

If you look in more detail, the word “Thai” in Thai means freedom, therefore this style of fighting is also called free fighting. As for the fights themselves, they are held in very tough conditions. 

In this martial art, the main emphasis is on striking techniques, which are applied to the surface of the whole body – from the head to the legs. 

You can use your arms, elbows, legs and knees to strike. As for the grips themselves, they are not often used. Also, during the battle, various edged weapons can be used: daggers, knives, throwing knives, as well as other means that can cause stab wounds. 

In Thailand itself, this martial art is very popular, and the government allocates a lot of funds for its popularization and perfection. By the way, Muay Thai is also very popular far outside Thailand. You will need an experienced trainer to conduct your Muay Thai training. 

As for ordinary boxing, you cannot do without the services of a good coach. This moment cannot be neglected, because about 80 percent of the success of your business will depend on the work of an experienced coach. 

Training – basic conditions 

In order to engage in this type of activity, you need to clearly understand what is needed for this: Premises. 

It must have a sufficient area. Building your own building is a better option than renting, but it costs several million rubles; You will need a sufficient number of punching bags and punching bags to practice the technique of striking. This inventory must also be hung. After all, if all this does not happen, then all training will be meaningless. 20 of these pears will cost approximately 20 thousand rubles. 

You need to have at least one ring available so that the client can feel like during a real fight. The cost of an ordinary ring ranges from 200-400 thousand rubles; Shower room. After a good workout, exercising clients will need to take a shower. 

Arrangement of a shower room in the building together with a changing room is a necessary moment in organizing a business; Experienced trainers. 

Experienced Boxers

For this, experienced boxers are suitable, as well as people who can teach, show, and then control the development of the acquired skills. To get as many customers as possible about your gym, advertise in local print media, or advertise online, it is a good idea to post advertisements all over the area where your gym is located.

Based on the fact that boxing today is very popular both as a sport and as one of the types of martial arts. It will not be difficult for you, with all your large investments. To recoup everything after about six months of work of the hall. 

Those wishing to learn to box a large number, so that the flow of customers is ensured. It is necessary to create all the necessary conveniences for them. And then the whole thing is a matter of technology. 

Much to their surprise, today many girls prefer boxing rather than going to the fitness room. In short, the audience of potential customers is large, you just have to interest them for training in your gym.

A new business needs to have visibility in the online world. So, how do you go about achieving that?

The short and simple answer to that question is through SEO. However, like anything else in the online world, SEO is not that simple either. For everything that appears simple and easy to do in the online marketing, tends to have a lengthy and sometimes very tiring process behind it. Not only because you need to yield flawless results, but also to help your business stand out as a legitimate option. Because, for a common user of the internet, the result that stands out above and beyond the other, tends to be the one that is most sought-out by an average consumer. 

But, since many businesses are doing it, it cannot be that harsh or problematic, right? The thing with SEO is originality, and we will expound on that later. However, the one thing that SEO demands above of anything else is consistency. You need to be consistent with your strategy, optimization as well as content creation. And, in order to do that, you need to have a viable tactic to help your name stand out as a sustainable option in search engine ranks. Therefore, to help you understand the science behind it, let us dive in and see how you can raise the rank of your business with SEO.

  1. Content Strategy

A content marketing strategy is your key to helping your business make a mark. Now, what you need with SEO is creation of good content regularly. And, how can you do that? With the help of a proper content marketing strategy. This is why, you need to devise a strategy that pushes you towards regular and original content creation. As it will help you optimize it and draw organic traffic towards your business.

  1. Understanding The Audience

The key with any business in today’s world is the target audience. Not only because you need to draw them towards your business, but also because you need to understand their likings to understand how to optimize your content. So, in order to achieve the best possible results that you can with SEO, you need to make sure that you optimize your content accordingly. So, make sure that you understand your audience as well as the keywords that they look for in the online world.

  1. Originality

One of the chief elements of content marketing is originality. Any business that makes a mark or stands out in the online market has something to do with their originality or creating content according to the liking of their audience. So, what you need to do is focus on creating original content. According to eWorldTrade, even product descriptions of the websites need to be original and thorough to attract a set of your target audience. 

  1. Optimization

After you are done creating your content, you need to make sure that you are optimizing it correctly. Bear in mind that SEO is not only about looking for the right keywords; it is also about back linking, meta-descriptions etc. So, you need to practice proper optimization tactics to help you stand out in search engine ranks. But, one thing you need to remember is that you cannot shortcut your way through it, because you need to be thorough with everything. So, try to abide by search engine laws when optimizing your content. 

  1. Creativity

One of the things that search engines, particularly Google, likes a lot is creativity. The more creative you are with your content, the higher the chances you will have of standing out with in SERP aka search engine results page. So, how can you be creative? Well, its content marketing so go crazy, use a variety of content. Try new topics or talk about things that people in your niche usually don’t or have no idea how to. So, be as creative as you like as it can be pivotal to help you yield greater results.

  1. Regular Content Creation

One of the most important things about any business in digital marketing today is frequency of content creation. It might have happened to you as well, when one of your favourite brand or company stopped posting on social media. Didn’t upload a blog post for a while etc. The major problem with that is not only will you lose your target audience. But you will also lose your hold on search engine ranks. One of the key things about holding your search engine ranks is to make content consistently. And, you also need to make sure that you include all of your platforms such as social media networks, websites, applications and blogs. Therefore, make sure that you are creating content regularly to yield the best results possible.


So, these were some of the key elements and benefits of using SEO for eCommerce. The better you understand the core element of each of these steps. The easier it will be for you to come up with a viable search engine strategy.

Templatetrip is a free, open source internet business answer for building and dealing with an effective online store with many incredible highlights.

In this gathering post, we kept on gathering 16 best Free and Premium PrestaShop eCommerce topics 2021 for you. These topics are new, adaptable, incredible looking and furnished with a huge load of cutting edge eCommerce highlights and setting choices. 

1. ClickBoom – eCommerce PrestaShop Digital Store Theme 

Appropriate for: advanced store, hardware stores, garments store 

Clickboom is a proficient eCommerce PrestaShop subject working with 5 landing page plans and limitless shading alternatives. 

It is a completely responsive PrestaShop object made with the most recent PrestaShop rendition, utilizing Bootstrap3, CSS3 and HTML5. The exquisite and clean subject accompanies heaps of cutting edge highlights: Mega Menu, Quickview, RTL Language, PrestaShop Addons (save $200), Google Font Support 600+, and so on 

Some Key Features: 

  • Backing PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7 
  • 5+ landing page designs 
  • Completely responsive design 
  • Limitless tones 
  • Super Menu Supported 
  • RTL Available

2. Furnicom – Responsive Furniture eCommerce PrestaShop Theme 

Appropriate for: furniture/inside online stores 

Furnicom is an advanced responsive PrestaShop subject, which can assist you with making an expert eCommerce store effortlessly. 

This responsive topic included 05 landing page formats, limitless shading styles, 12 premium additional items. Besides, it is a profoundly adaptable topic that accompanies extreme eCommerce highlights and simple to-use Back-end Panel that allows you to arrange and alter your store as per your requirements. 

Some Key Features: 

  • 5 Different Homepage Layouts 
  • 12 Premium Add-ons 
  • Completely Responsive Layout 
  • Hits and Featured Products 
  • Combination with Cloud Zoom 
  • Rundown and Grid items see 

3. Book Hangover – Free PrestaShop Theme for Book Website 

Book Hangover is a free PrestaShop topic with a great deal of highlights, and consolidating numerous customization alternatives. Go ahead and use it to construct a shocking web store for selling an assortment of merchandise. It tends to be books, music, vehicles, apparatuses, games, design or even magnificent online shops in Templatetrip. 

Some Key Features: 

  • Responsive Homepage Slideshow 
  • Item Labels 
  • Matrix/List Category View 
  • Broad Extension 
  • Worked With Bootstrap 3.x 

4. Destino – Digital/Fashion Store PrestaShop 1.7 Theme 

Destino is a rich, current and expert looking eCommerce PrestaShop site topic. The store topic is an absolute first PrestaShop 1.7 subject for building a wide range of online business sites: Digital, Electronics, Mobile, Fashion, Bags, Shoes and Accessories. 

Some Key Features: 

  • PrestaShop 1.7 subject 
  • 5+ HomePage Styles 
  • Incorporate .PSD documents 
  • Wide and Boxed formats choices 
  • Full Responsive 
  • Maker logos slider 

5. Pts Basic – Free Responsive PrestaShop Theme for Fashion 

Pts Basic is Free Responsive PrestaShop topic for Fashion with inventive, proficient plan and extreme highlights. 

The subject is worked with the best PrestaShop Drag and Drop Page developer to fabricate proficient pages in some basic snaps. Responsive and Retina are both prepared, each and every component is intended to have exceptional look and feel in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. It coordinates more than 50 PrestaShop gadgets, loads of shortcodes to construct content for your store a lot simpler. 

Some Key Features: 

  • FREE PrestaShop 1.6 Theme 
  • Worked with the best PrestaShop Page Builder 
  • Adaptable menu framework 
  • Splendid PrestaShop Slideshow Extension 
  • Natural Theme Control Panel 
  • Simplicity of customization 

6. HiMarket – Multipurpose Responsive PrestaShop Mega Shop Theme 

Reasonable for: computerized/howdy tech items, sport and wellness gear, clinical hardware or super stores. 

HiMarket is a perfect, current and completely responsive eCommerce PrestaShop subject with a gorgeous plan. 

This eCommerce subject accompanies 5 magnificent landing page formats and limitless shading styles that bring clients an incredible chance to encounter multi-plan in a topic. Besides, HiMarket upholds loads of cutting edge includes that adequately upgrade your online stores. 

Some Key Features: 

  • PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7 Theme 
  • Huge loads of setting choices 
  • Simple introduce and alter 
  • Item Quick View 
  • Bunches of static squares 
  • Search engine oriented 

7. Revo – Premium Responsive PrestaShop Mega Store Theme 

Appropriate for: clothing/design shop, greetings tech, gadgets, versatile shop or other eCommerce shops with multi-classification. 

Revo is a responsive eCommerce PrestaShop Theme with an advanced and clean plan. 

The engaging subject accompanies limitless shading varieties that permit you to change the shade of all components without any problem. You will be given the likelihood to easily fabricate a novel eCommerce site that stands a part of the group. Also, the topic upholds 4 adaptable landing page plans and many state of the art highlights: Mega Menu, Product Quick View, multilingual and RTL support, Boxed Layout… 

Some Key Features: 

  • PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7 Theme 
  • 4+ Demos Supported 
  • Backing Vertical Menu 
  • Completely Responsive Layout 
  • Ajax Add to Wishlist, Compare 
  • Website design enhancement Optimization 

8. Pts Base – Best free PrestaShop 1.7 topic 

Pts Base – The Free PrestaShop topic is worked with the staggering PrestaShop Drag and Drop Page Builder with 50+ gadgets joining to help you assemble a lovely landing page for your store. The subject is local with PrestaShop 1.7, up and coming age of PrestaShop with bunches of highlights and enhancements. The subject accompanies various PrestaShop expansions: Layer slider, Blog stage, Menu, and so forth 

The responsive Free PrestaShop subject depends on amazing structure with most recent advancements. 

Some Key Features: 

  • FREE PrestaShop 1.7 topic 
  • Responsive at center 
  • Best PrestaShop page developer 
  • Progressed PrestaShop layer slider 
  • PrestaShop blog stage 
  • Adaptable Layout + Multiple Skins 

9. Shoppy Store – eCommerce PrestaShop Store Theme 

Appropriate for: hello there tech store, style stores, clothing store, attire and uber shop. 

Shoppy Store – Responsive PrestaShop Theme with a perfect and current look. Inherent extraordinary shading blend (Cyan, Red, Green, Orange and Blue), Shoppy Store unavoidably gets your client consideration regarding purchase items from your site. 

ShoppyStore accompanies 6 landing page varieties that permit you to make an interesting eCommerce site. 

Some Key Features: 

  • Limitless Color Styles 
  • Completely responsive design 
  • Backing Mega Menu and 
  • Backing multi-cash, multi-language 
  • Showing item with Grid and List see 
  • Amazing Admin Panel plan 

10. Distinction – Fashion Store Free PrestaShop Theme 

Lofty reputations – PrestaShop topic is completely responsive that makes your site look great regardless of the gadget you are in. The Free subject accompanies adaptable design framework to show content your direction, amazing menu framework with Megamenu and Mobile menu. 

Modifying the topic effectively because of the incredible code base and the instinctive back-end setting. The topic upholds 2 perspectives: Grid view and List see. With the incredible code base, it’s difficult to assist the topic with performing likewise to make the customization simpler. 

Some Key Features: 

  • Responsive Homepage Slideshow 
  • Item Labels 
  • Lattice/List Category View 
  • Broad Extension 
  • Worked With Bootstrap 3.x

11. Market – Responsive eCommerce PrestaShop Theme 

Market is a magnificent topic with 04 present day, clean landing page formats, new PrestaShop system v2.0.0 and completely responsive plan that makes it look entirely on any gadgets and screen goals 

Besides, this great subject is incorporated with many component rich additional items and a gigantic variety. You are allowed to control this subject to make your store all the more cordial and cute for your clients. 

Some Key Features: 

  • 5+ Homepage designs 
  • Very Fast Theme 
  • Item Image Zoom 
  • Completely Responsive Layout 
  • Ajax Add to Wishlist, Compare 
  • Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, CSS3, HTML5 
  • Coordinated Google Fonts 

12. Love Fashion – Responsive PrestaShop Fashion Theme 

Love Fashion is a shocking standard for online style stores, clothing stores, attire, shopping center shop and any PrestaShop store if necessary a simple customization topic. In addition, this is a simple-to-utilize subject for a wide range of business and sells any things as you wish. It is perhaps the best topic that you don’t pass up a great opportunity. 

Some Key Features: 

  • 5 Modern Color Styles 
  • Full-width responsive design 
  • 4+ Unique HomePages 
  • Heaps of static squares 
  • Backing multi-cash, multi-language 
  • Item “Deal” and “New” marks 

13. Maxshop – Responsive PrestaShop Shopping Theme 

Reasonable for: computerized store, hitech store, watch store, clothing store, furniture store, book shop, beauty care products shop, extravagance adornments and embellishments store… 

Maxshop is a cutting edge and clean coded multipurpose PrestaShop topic that is worked with Mega Menu, Boxed design, Ajax Attributes Filter, List and Grid items see and twelve of cutting edge includes that make it simple to utilize and tweak. Additionally, Maxshop upholds 5 recognized landing page designs and 5 shading varieties for client picking. 

Some Key Features: 

  • Simple to Customize 
  • Backing wide and boxed format 
  • Backing Mega Menu 
  • Ajax Layered Navigation 
  • Backing multi-cash, multi-language 
  • Coordinated Google Fonts 

14. Ap Amelia – Free PrestaShop 1.7 Theme 

Ap Amelia – The most recent variant 1.7 PrestaShop is the most pursued data as the two engineers and dealers appear to be very eager to see forthcoming changes in this new form. 

This is the sole preliminary topic as of not long ago conformed to ver in the PrestaShop shopping basket market. You can essentially see solid upgrades in the channel module, the explanation in format, Mega menu, Easy setup and incredible shading sample. 

At last, clients don’t need to pay any charge to get Amelia. It is a thoroughly FREE topic. 

Some Key Features: 

  • Full Responsive 
  • Vertical Mega Menu 
  • Speedy view Product 
  • Multi-language 
  • Accessible Item in Stocks 

15. Grid – Multipurpose Responsive PrestaShop Theme 

Grid is proficient eCommerce PrestaShop subject that is loaded with 06 impeccable landing page plans. 

The complex subject is worked with an immense number of cool highlights: Responsive design, RTL language, amazing Mega Menu, adaptable Boxed format, dynamic Ajax Attributes Filter, progressed List and Grid items see, helpful Product Quick view and Product Image Zoom, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, CSS3, HTML5 and numerous different highlights. 

Some Key Features: 

6 Homepage Styles 

  • Viable with PrestaShop Latest Versions [] 
  • Wide and Boxed designs choice 
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly 
  • Progressed Theme Option 
  • Various Headers and Footer Types 

16. Leo Converse – Free PrestaShop 1.6 Theme 

Leo Converse is an incredible PrestaShop topic for online Fashion Shop, Shoes Shop, garments Shop, Bags Store. It is free and completely viable with PrestaShop 1.5.x and PrestaShop 1.6x. The PrestaShop subject is 100% responsive plan so it looks extraordinary in Desktop, yet additionally in Mobile and Tablet. 

Some Key Features: 

  • Backing Responsive Design 
  • Tones Themes support (Default, Blue, Red, Orange) 
  • Great implicit substance style. 
  • Backing for local language record interpretation. 
  • Subject help for Jquery Effects, Css 3 
  • Supports numerous format alternatives, arranged inside from administrative center. 

And that’s just the beginning 

Expectation you partake in this rundown! Anyway, do you have any new responsive PrestaShop 1.6 and PrestaShop 1.7 topics which you attempted or might want to suggest? Try not to spare a moment to share your top picks in the remark box beneath.

You must have heard the famous proverb, ‘Pen is mightier than swords’. So are the books that they write. Books open several doors to their readers. With the help of books, you cannot only empower but also help people explore new worlds. In the same way, reading books will also allow you to become a successful manager. 

Generally, authors of popular self-help books pour years of experience into their books. This allowed readers to gain insights from their experiences. Hence, finding the right books can change you and your life. 

Top industry leaders, top billionaires and even popular artists are known to be avid book readers. However, successful people mostly prefer to be enlightened rather than being entertained.

All in all, if you want to be successful in any particular field, then reading industry-specific books will help you. Just with a quick search on the internet, you may find lists of tens of books. But, unfortunately, most of them are not useful. 

If you are also facing trouble finding the books that will be perfect for you, then read along. Here’s the list of the top 5 books to read if you aim to become a successful manager. 

Top books to be a successful manager

  1. 7 Habits of highly effective people

You need to make a list of successful people and try to find similarities amongst them. After doing this, we guarantee that you will be astonished that most of them have most of these habits in common. Thus, the book provides you with several insights into the habits of successful people. Further, it guides people with the most effective ways to implement these habits. 

About the book

With more than 40 million book copies sold worldwide, the book has been awarded the title of number 1 most influential business book of the 20th century. Although it is a bit old, its principles remain equally important and implementable to date. 

The book talks about 7 different habits used by highly effective people. Major takeaways from this book include the following: 

  • Learn to be proactive.
  • Learn about how you can begin your work by keeping the end goal in mind.
  • How to prioritize by keeping first things first. 
  • Think positively – always think about winning.
  • Learn the importance of first understanding and then be understood. 
  • Importance of synergizing.
  • Sharpen yourself using all these techniques.

The book is known to transform the lives of thousands of its readers positively. Several educators, CEOs, parents, and people of all ages have praised all of them. 

Our thoughts

The book is one of the best books if you want to learn soft skills. Using its easy to implement features, we believe that you will positively influence and motivate others. 

Moreover, the book asks its readers to follow a principled approach to solving professional and personal problems. The book’s implementable principles make it one of the must-read books for students and managers alike. Go through this book. You will learn about winning your game by playing fairly and honestly. 

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence people

Managers are mostly resented because of their position of authority. Therefore, it is quite common for managers to feel difficulty in handling people around them. Are you also one of the managers who are facing such issues? Then reading this book can be helpful for you.

About the book

The book works on the mantra that you will achieve anything if you make positive efforts. Authored by Dale Carnegie, the book’s presence and vibe are as alive as it has been about 60 years back when it was first published. 

The book’s time-tested advice has been adhered to by thousands of people. These people vouch for the book’s changing life-changing ways. Through this book, you will learn the following ways: 

  • Different ways to manage people.
  • Ways to change people without arousing any resentment between them. 
  • Ways to win people through your way of thinking.

Our thoughts

Undoubtedly, the book changes the way you perceive people around you. Moreover, you will surely learn about various techniques to handle people around you with the help of different solutions mentioned in the book.

One of the biggest problems that managers face is that people often do not like them. This book tells you about six principles that will help you make people like you. Additionally, it also tells you about multiple ways through which leaders can bring out the best from people around them without offending others. 

In summation, this book is a treasure trove for managers seeking genuine advice to manage their subordinates.

  1. The Art of War

The quality of leadership is one of the most important factors for becoming a good manager. But what is leadership? Who is an ideal leader? 

About the book

Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ is a classic military strategist book written about 25 years ago. Primarily based on the Chinese art of military thought and warfare, the book sets certain principles for creating war-winning strategy. 

The book specifies the importance of a good leader and pre-planning. A good leader usually comprises five traits: humanity, credibility, courage, discipline, and intelligence. 

The Art of War was especially known for its military-specific nature. However, its advice is implementable in general life. With the modern age, diversified lifestyle, the politicization of almost every field, and the increasing need for good leadership, the book has found a new life. 

Our thoughts

Although set to define the strategies of war of fields, the book can also be helpful to winning boardroom war. The book offers key psychological principles to be applied in office wars.

The book is spanned across 13 chapters that deal with all aspects of warfare strategy. Thus, the book’s short proverbial sentences make it a philosophical and compelling read and a must-read for managers. 

  1. The Making of a Manager

Managers are burdened with the heavy responsibility of managing people under them. Becoming a good manager is both scary and hard. However, it is a skill that anyone can learn. 

Learn how through Julie Zhuo’s ‘Making of a Manager’ book.

About the book

Unlike popular views, being a manager is not easy. Managing tens of people, increasing productivity, and inculcating teamwork and productivity in the team are the most crucial tasks of managers. 

Facing these challenges is not easy. However, the book’s author, Julie Zhuo, a manager herself, is aware of these challenges. After managing hundreds of people, Ms. Julie came to one conclusion, i.e., good managers are not born but made. 

In the ‘Making of a Manager’, Julie guides the reader through a series of insightful ideas that can transform your life. Some of the crucial questions that this book answers are, namely, 

  • Ways to make your team trust you using reports.
  • Differences between an average and a great manager.

Our thoughts

We are sure that most of your queries will get resolved by going through this book. We assure you that no matter if you are a veteran or new to the field of management, with this handbook, you will become the kind of manager that you have dreamt of. 

  1. The One Minute Manager

Are you looking out for better ways to manage your team? If yes, then the Kenneth Blanchard’s one-minute manager will be the gateway to success for you. The book, although written in 2001, its methods are still effective to date. 

The book has sold more than 2 million copies, making this book one of the most successful managerial books in the world. 

About the book 

The book is about a young, energetic man searching for a good manager or a good leader. During his journey, he encounters two types of managers. 

First is the aristocratic type. The managers only cared for final results. Although, in most cases, organizations in such cases grew. However, their employees always suffered. 

The second was the democratic managers. These managers cared for their employees. However, as a result, the organization suffered. At the end of his search, the man finally founds a successful manager—the one who used the one-minute approach. 

After reading this book, you will learn about three management techniques, namely, 

  • One-minute Reprimands
  • 1-minute Praising 
  • 1-minute Goal setting

Our thoughts

According to the author, the one-minute method is a way to set clearer expectations or goals for your managing people. Using its easy to implement techniques, you will increase your team’s productivity and also boost the organization’s profits. 

Through the book’s easy-to-read and relatable story and practical secrets, you will surely become a successful manager. 

Moreover, its newer version – the New One Minute Manager, released in 2015, has further tried to promote its old yet powerful message to the new generation. 


That said, it isn’t easy to become a successful manager with the help of book reading. In reality, understanding your team, advising them, and taking guidance from other managers will make you a great leader. However, much of these are the qualities that you will learn with the help of ample experience. 

That said, books can only become your guide. They will offer you primary principles to move a step forward and become a good manager. But it is you who must implement these principles to move forward towards success. So, just get started with the available resources, and you will soon see yourself evolving into your successful version.

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QuickBooks Error Code 1723 is a convoluted specialized problem withinside the application that emerges because of the unwell-advised setup or lacking home windows issue. On the thing even as the error occurs, you could see a mistake message on your show- errors 1723: there’s a hassle with this domestic home windows installer bundle”. Moreover, the error message recommends that “A DLL required for this introduction to complete couldn’t be run” you’ll be provoked to touch your assist artwork strain or bundle deal carrier issuer for assist. 

Motives for QuickBooks set up Error Code 1723: 

The beneath neath portrayed rundown joins the functionality foundations for QuickBooks errors 1723- 

  • A harmed installer bundle deal is one of the easiest reasons at the back of the specialized errors
  • A defilement in tough electricity or Microsoft installer 
  • It thoroughly may be the harmed record association inflicting the QuickBooks errors message 1723 to show up in your show screen 
  • The installer doesn’t have QuickBooks manual phone variety files 
  • Temp organizer authorizations can a number of the time supply the specialized irritation 
  • Similarity issues among QuickBooks and framework setup can likewise cause QuickBooks mistake 1723 

Clarifications at the back of the appearance of QuickBooks Error Code 1723 

Here are couples of capability reasons due to which you go over with mistake 1723 QuickBooks difficulty. We should see: 

  • Attributable to damage home windows Installer %, this type of errors code rises 
  • Hurt plan records cause these mistakes. 
  • As an end result of Temp coordinator assents 
  • QuickBooks records missing withinside the installer can be the only purpose at the back of this trouble 
  • In case the QuickBooks software program doesn’t meet the shape association 

Establishments for QuickBooks installation mistakes 1723: 

The beneath neath delineated as soon as-over solidifies the feasible establishments for QuickBooks errors 1723- 

  • A harm installer percentage is one of the maximum easy clarifications in the back of the proper errors. 
  • A debasement in tough electricity or Microsoft installer 
  • It is probably the damage archive endeavor plan inflicting the QuickBooks mistakes message 1723 to appear for your show screen 
  • The installer doesn’t have QuickBooks statistics 
  • Temp envelope approvals can once in a while convey the proper disturbance 
  • Closeness problems amongst Quickbooks Tool Hub 2021.and form sport plan can in like manner the manner to remedy QuickBooks mistakes 1723 
  • This mistake may be ousted the usage of the going with plans given. Note that during case your form configuration doesn’t meet the need of QuickBooks paintings place. It’s a way critical to alternate the plan of the tool in the manner to run QuickBooks errors free. QuickBooks errors 1723 is reviewed as a foundation mistake and it is probably settled 

Sturdy answers to take away QuickBooks Error Code 1723 

So that you could efficaciously destroy QuickBooks errors Code 1723, venture the arrangements referenced below. You shouldn’t experience every single one of the answers for repair the hassle as quickly as your errors disintegrated you could stop investigating. How about we begin the process: 

Arrangement 1: 

  • Edit the Permissions of the home windows Temp Folder 
  • To do this, basically have a look at the given rules in a similar request as referred to below: 
  • Inside the primary area, you need to press the house home windows +R keys through and via on your console to open the Run discourse container 
  • Presently, you want to type “%temp%” withinside the pursuit discipline and in some time press “all right” or hit “input” in your consoles 
  • Doing as such, a temp organizer will open up at the show 
  • In this manner, currently, you’re required to provide a right-click on beneath neath the temp organizer place and in a while pick the “homes” alternative 
  • On the off danger that, you’re using any of these Microsoft domestic home windows 10, 8.1, and eight, at that factor you need to head to the “domestic” menu withinside the menu bar of the house home windows temp envelope and in some time after select out “homes” 
  • Be that because it could, at the off hazard which you are using Microsoft domestic home windows 7 for your walking tool, at that thing discover to “Compose” drop-down and search for “residences” 
  • Currently, while the homes window has unfolded out, search for the “protection” tab internal it 
  • And in some time, tap on “security” seize and click on “adjust” 
  • From that thing forward, test for domestic home windows username and function it 
  • Currently, supply a registration withinside the returned of the “complete manage” withinside the permit phase 
  • And in a while tap the “all right” button  instances consecutive and later on erase all the motivated temp facts 
  • Toward the end, try to introduce QuickBooks pc once more to check whether or not you are as but getting the mistake 1723 to the following association if the hassle is not defined! 

Arrangement 2: 

  • Make use of Quickbooks customer support set upation Diagnostic device 

QuickBooks set up Diagnostic system has been created via way of means of the usage of Intuit especially to interrupt the maximum well-known QuickBooks pc popularity quo errors. It is a sudden accommodating tool as it accomplishes its paintings therefore, the precept element you want to do is to download this device in your walking tool. It glaringly begins recognizing the QB status quo troubles and later on fixes them right away. Further, QuickBooks installation Diagnostic device furthermore allows in annihilating Microsoft.Net, MSXML, and C++ troubles. 

Prior to using This device, the Given elements to take into account: 

  • Home home windows ought to be modern 
  • QuickBooks Registration required 
  • QuickBooks ought to be refreshed 
  • Currently, observe the gave stepwise bearings exactly in a similar request: 
  • Particularly else, from the Intuit net site, you want to download QuickBook set up Diagnostic device 
  • Currently, spare the QBInstall report for your paintings area that is prepared. Exe report 
  • On the off hazard that there are any opened projects, near them 
  • Presently, run the downloaded. Exe report as incited at the show screen. Contingent upon your net velocity and PC’s exhibition, this tool units apart some strive to complete 
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  • Basically, you want to re-be a part of or reactivate your QuickBook as soon as the setup order of this QuickBooks issue restore equipment has certainly been carried out

Network Specialist – Job Description and Requirements

Computer networking professionals design, manage, manage, and repair computer systems of any size. The job responsibilities of these professionals can vary widely, but generally require a comprehensive knowledge of networks, computer systems, and peripheral systems.

 Video Network Specialist

IT Network Specialist Job Description

A web-based job description (also known as a web-based job description) includes the following roles:

Test and evaluate existing network systems

Perform regular maintenance to make sure the networks are working properly

Problems with local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Internet systems

Computer networking experts install, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot interconnected computers within an organization. They can work at a help desk, configure or repair computer hardware and related devices, or monitor internal and external threats. To become an expert in computer networking usually requires extensive knowledge of network management.

What is a computer network? Computer networks have important responsibilities including maintaining the integrity and security of the network and business operations. Computer networks require extensive knowledge of Internet connectivity, protocol, network security devices, network types (including wireless, fiber optic, or Cat5), and standard operating systems. such as Windows and UNIX.

Types of web services are:

Computer support specialists

Designers of Tölvunet

Information security specialists

Network and computer administrators

Network requirements can be broad enough to cover design, problem solving, and system design. Computer network requirements are passed on to various software languages ​​that need to be understood to improve the user’s online environment. The job description of an IT network specialist may include a number of the courses listed and is usually preferred by a professional organization.

A Cisco Network Specialist job description can provide many levels of knowledge about how Cisco works. The training includes six different certification methods. A computer network job description often refers to your online understanding and choice of certification. The definition of a computer network may vary, but most organizations can choose the appropriate behavioral solution, such as the Cisco Validated Design Guide (CVD).

The CIS (Internet Security Center) teaches security practices, tools, and threats. The CIS network operator must understand and demonstrate knowledge and implementation of the enhanced standards.

At the entry level, computer network experts can respond to troubleshooting calls and emails from online users. They must be able to check and provide repair instructions separately as well as in person. At the advanced stage of an analyst or administrator, computer network technicians often check network access after interruptions, security threats, or network problems. They can configure and maintain security tools to keep software, system, and company data secure.

Computer Communication Specialist Requirements

Educational requirements

According to the U.S. Labor Bureau. Several universities offer the right experience, such as computer science, web technology, software engineering or information security. These programs teach basic and advanced topics on the basics of networking, and students can often take self-identification courses in a particular area, such as security, network design, or programs.

More knowledge required

Computer network technicians must have good communication skills. They work with internal and external clients, vendors and other information technology professionals, who require communication in both technical and non-technical language. Working on an individual and team level can be like that required. A computer network technician may need to carry and carry heavy computers equipment, travel or network cables or devices.

IT Network Information Specialist

Many organizations and technology providers have valuable resources that can help as much as have a college degree. Those who want to demonstrate communication skills will get CompTIA Network + or Security + capabilities. In addition, professionals working with network hardware or software will demonstrate expertise in some technology vendors through advanced and advanced qualifications, such as Microsoft Certified Technology. Specialist or Microsoft Certified Network Professional. Cisco. Cisco offers a variety of courses and degrees. They appear as entrepreneurs, professionals, partners, experts, professionals and professionals. Each of these lines has a confirmation list.

Career position and salary information

There are many differences between the curriculum and the average salary of a job. In some cases, a computers consultant just needs a high-level partner.

The top two in average earnings and job growth are Information Security Poverty with an average salary of $ 99,730 and an increase of 31%, and Computers Network Architect with an average salary of $ 112,690 and a job increase of 5%. A computers designer must have five or more years of experience working in computers or system and network management.