People love surprises, especially when there is a special day. Bhai dooj is a festival of brothers and sisters who exchange gifts on this occasion. Presents should be given as per the taste and preference of other people. Moreover, these should be of the latest design or fashion so that they cannot become obsolete after some time. Useful presents should be given so that these can be used in any way. 

The likings of women of the present era have changed with the change in the scenario as they have become educated. And their families have become liberal. According to modern times, the following are some ideas of Bhai dooj gifts that can be gifted to a sister on Bhai dooj. 

A surprise gift of favorite dress of your sister

Women’s clothes are available in many designs, colors, stuff, etc. to choose from. Women usually like to buy more clothes than other things. They mostly wear traditional outfits at traditional festivals. So the chances are that they may love to have the gift of a formal dress. These dresses may include salwar suits, lehenga choli. And other costumes as per the traditions and customs as these are different in distinct parts of India. They like to celebrate their cultural festivals in cultural ways. Some women wear western dresses because of the influence of western culture. They wear gowns, or other parties wear dresses which are worn by white people.

A traditional costume can be gifted to the sister as women mostly prefer these dresses on these occasions. However, the choice can be different in color, size, and design of a dress. This is because a traditional dress can also be bought in any structure, color, or quality.

Items of makeup following the needs of sister

Many varieties of makeup are used by women these days. Contour is a modern addition that can create the illusion that a person’s facial features have changed. Not only females but some males also use some makeup for better looks. However, males have less knowledge of makeup than females, so they gift their sisters the most commonly used makeup products like lipsticks, eyeliners, etc. They can also grant them a makeup kit of renowned brands.  

Gift of a mobile phone of the company which she always wanted to buy

Cell phones have become an essential requirement nowadays. People can use them for many purposes, apart from the primary use of making phone calls. There are many applications available for mobile phones which assist people in many days to day activities. One should give the mobile phone of the latest technology to his sister as a surprise gift and a brand that she likes the most.

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Gold or Diamond jewelry of her choice 

Indian people invest a lot of money in gold, and they consider buying gold jewelry as an investment because the price of gold may increase in the future. They prefer to save money in the form of gold owing to the reason that cash or coins can be lost or spoiled if kept for a long time.

Jewelry of gold or diamond of the latest design can make your sister happy if given to her in a gift. Many 

A present of healthy sweet snacks or chocolates

Brothers can give gifts of sugary items or fruits to their sisters which should be as per her taste. Keeping in mind the health benefits of dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pista, etc, which are good sources of protein and vitamins, could be given to the sisters on the occasion of Bhai dooj.

A beneficiary plant to plant in her kitchen garden 

Nowadays, there are multiple efforts taken by governments and people to clean the environment. More and more importance is given to plant more trees. People can be seen planting trees on special occasions like birthdays. There are many decorative plants that are helpful for the environment as well. So siblings can give kind of plants like this to each other. 

Other than these Bhai gift ideas for sisters a brother can gift them according to the present need of the sister. Like if she is in urgent need of a laptop for her official work, then they must be provided with the same. 

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