Online shopping has grown considerably over the years, and more particularly during the years of pandemic looming upon us. In the quest to survive and serve the customers, many businesses. Are left with choosing to go online by replacing the brick-and-mortar. Stores with online ecommerce store. 

Building a thriving online business requires a reliable and robust online presence on the web. In addition to that, building an eCommerce website requires careful planning. And choosing the right platform and also seeking professional consultation of an eCommerce web development company, plus picking the right hosting service provider that ensures optimal security and maximum uptime. 

Magento is the popular eCommerce website builder platform that offers a range of features and customization opportunities. Whether it is about running a small business around the corner or running a giant business like Nike or P&G. Magento has all that it takes in building a fully customized website for any online business.

Choosing Magento technology for an eCommerce website is not enough until you have a reliable hosting service that guarantees safety, fast loading speed, scalability, and maximum server uptime. Thus, you need a web hosting company that can handle the data coming from customers, such as queries, orders placement, and transactions without compromising on the functionality of the eCommerce store and user’s confidential data. 

Luckily, choosing the best hosting service is simple and deciding to select one has never been easier. Watch out for the following factors to consider while choosing to host for your Magento-powered eCommerce store.

Hosting Server Performance

Performance in the hosting server refers to resource allocation, server optimization level, stack, and the server overall uptime. Typically, many eCommerce stores are properly optimized, but still, encounter issues. It happens either because of not enough resource allocation, hosting stack that is not optimized, or not having enough cache to optimize stack performance. 

Normally, it occurs when eCommerce business owners get to choose a shared hosting service. Where the resources are shared with other hosted stores. 

Hosting Security

Typically, businesses of online nature usually gather a lot of sensitive data and information about their customers. Such as payment details on the checkout.  All such data goes to the hosting server, and security becomes. A major concern to make sure the customer’s rights and confidential information remain protected.

Thus, the hosting server security is of utmost importance for an online store that ensures complete security against internal or external breaches.  Hosting solutions must provide safety and security measures such as dedicated firewalls, two-face-authentication (2FA), and SSL certificates. 

  Scalability Features  

Usually, an eCommerce store in its early phases doesn’t require the allocation of many resources. And it prompts the store owners not to pay due attention to the future growth requirements. As an eCommerce business grows, more and more queries start to come in. It requires a platform and server that has scalability features and resources for sustaining the operations.

While choosing a reliable web hosting partner for your Magento-built eCommerce store.


Compatibility among the hosting stack components and the eCommerce platform is an important factor in selecting the right web hosting service provider.  Generally, powerful eCommerce platforms such as Magento require a LAMP (Linux, Apache MySQL/Maria DB, and PHP) environment for better performance.

The hosting provider is responsible to ensure compatibility so that the business owners can only manage. And maintain their websites and rather not worry about the issues at the hosting end.

Post Support Provision

It doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are, there are always going to be issues. That either you can’t fix on your own or can’t manage time for. Whenever the server doesn’t function as it should be, you lose people coming into your online shop. Thus, it is imperative to consider that you opt for a hosting service provider who can extend support round the clock.  When choosing a hosting provider for a Magento store, always double-check the reviews of the users. Reading reviews about the service can come in very handy in making. An informed judgment.This guest blog is contributed by Muhammad Irshad to Easternstylo. He is a professional digital marketer and a personal blogger. Mr. Irshad manages— an independent digital content platform covering news on emerging technologies. Internet, Startups and Innovations,  the Gig economy of Pakistan and ecommerce in Pakistan.

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