The hat is an essential staple in your wardrobe. Nowadays, the custom printed hats are in vogue. People want to print their designs on their blank hats. The customized hats are in trend because it is a unique way to represent your style. 

There are various other uses of custom hats such as promotional giveaways, spread brand awareness, etc. When your employees wear the custom hat with a uniform, then it will represent the professionalism of your business. 

You should hire the best custom hat printing professionals to get the desired printing results. When it comes to choosing the right hat for customization, then most people get confused. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks to choose the right type of hat.

1. Snapback

This kind of hat is sporty and casual as well. Therefore, it is one of the best types of hats for customization. You can choose to either embroider or print the design on the snapback.  The snapback is available in different types of material such as faux leather, cotton, etc. Moreover, this type of hat has a long flat bill. This type of hat is perfect as a giveaway because everybody loves this type of hat.

2. Trucker Hat Type

This type of hat is also used as a promotional giveaway by various companies. This type of hat is used as a giveaway in feed stores or various other farming supply stores. The business owners use this hat as a giveaway for truck drivers. The rural people help to spread brand awareness and help you to get more people for your business. 

All trucker hats are comprised of the mesh panel on the backside. It also provides plenty of blank space on the front side. You can leverage this blank space for promotional purposes. You can leverage this plenty of space for the brand logo or brand-related slogan. 

In this way, you can use the trucker hat for brand promotion. You can also customize the trucker hat to represent your unique style rather than using it for promotional purposes. 

Think of different ideas for customization of the trucker hat and discuss your ideas with the printing professionals such as custom printing Vancouver contractors. It is also possible to customize the backside of the trucker hat with snapback or Velcro. 

3. Five-Panel Hat

The five-panel hat is one of the most laid-back styles of hat. This type of hat is good for going out with friends, chilling out, or visiting a bar. This type of cap is designed using five different pieces. The five different pieces will help in transforming the hat into a tight-fitting and stylish one. 

The five-panel Hat first appeared in the 20th century. Earlier, this type of hat was worn by courier boys. But, in the 80s, the five-panel Hat had gain popularity when it was worn by edgy London and Berlin club scene. 

The five-panel Hat forms the best canvas to show your artwork. So, whether you love to go party or not, but you can use the five-panel hat for customization.  You can also use these caps for the promotion of your business.

4. Baseball Hat

This cap was introduced around 1849. Earlier, it was not very famous people. Gradually, people started loving this type of hat. Baseball hats are good for those who love sports. This type of hat is good for integrating the whole team. 

You can use custom printed hats to motivate your sports team members. Print your team logo and show the unique identity of your team to the whole world.

5. Dad Hat

The dad hats are in trend! This style of hat will always stay in demand. This type of hat is widely popular among youngsters. The dad hat is less structured than various other types of hats. Moreover, these types of hats have a standard bill or short bill. There are various options available in dad hat. 

You should find the best design that you love the most and customize it to represent your individuality. You should tell the design requirements to the printing professionals. 

They will convert your ideas into prints that will look super cool on your hats. You are looking for the best printing service provider, then search online. Type “custom hats near me” on the search bar.

Choose The Best Type Of Hat

Fortunately, there are enormous styles of hats available in the market. You can choose the right one as per your mood and style. You can also use the above-mentioned hats for brand promotion purposes. 

You should pick the right type of hat. It is very important to choose the right type of hat according to the purpose. When it comes to brand promotion, then your choice should be wise.

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