I was asking my friends for a weekend plan and they absolutely had no idea. Then something struck me – escape games. But to my surprise, my friends quite didn’t have an idea on what exactly an escape room is. Wait, is it only my friends who aren’t aware about this? Nor do you know about escape rooms right? Chill guys, this article will take you there. Buckle up!

Escape rooms are basically room-like setups in which you are locked in and made to break out from the same. These are one among the most amusing places to visit for fun and frolics in recent times. 


Banglore, being a hub that offers great jubilance, contains the best escape games in the nation. Escape rooms contain rooms or situations and you are put in it and made to escape. Few of the adventures which you experience are prison break, hostage escape, find the killer etc. These are a few unforeseen contingencies or mysteries which you may not encounter in real life. But for one long hour you get to be an adventurist with a minimal charge. Interesting, isn’t it? 

How Does an Escape Room Work?

Now, let me take you through the exact process of how this awesome adventure works:

  1. Grab your cup of tea

The first thing you got to do when you step inside an escape room is to choose the right kind of adventure for you. Choose wisely, i.e., how amazing you want to spend the rest 60 minutes of your time. You’re going to be put in a stunning adventure and be the hero of the story.

  1. Showtime!

The timer goes on and your intuition to escape gets provoked. You are all set to face various challenges, find clues and solve puzzles to find that one way (or ways) to escape the room or situation you have been dropped in. In escape rooms like the Breakout, you actually get a chance to incarnate your favourite fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes or Clarice Starling.

  1. Avengers, Assemble!

If the Avengers had not assembled at the climax to the cap’s call, Thanos could have actually become inevitable, as he says. Teamwork matters a lot though you feel you are extraordinary on your own. Where you are to work in a team, there you have to. 

You see Thor never had the thought to go for Thanos’ head. Had he gone for it, there would never have been something called the ‘blip’ effect. I hope when you get to be Thor at the Breakout, you would not do something similar.

Three players in the Prison Break Cells

A Whole New Experience

Escape games, unlike other games, are to be engaged using your intelligence. How long are you going to be a couch potato with your smart phones in hand and playing simulations? Come on, pop out some energy and enthusiasm. 

Alright, what do you get by playing video games? All you get through them is scolding from your parents and finally get your mobile phones confiscated. How sad that sounds. You see street cricket is always better than the so-called Real Cricket in your phone.

These days the kids are not being let out of their home. They are either made to play with toys or video games. So sad of them. If you parents want to give your kids a new experience think of escape games. You can give life to those cartoons and animations that they are always obsessed with. Think it over.

These cool escape rooms are way better than the new movie

This 2k world is so full of escape rooms like the Breakout. When are you going to encounter such adventures? Trust me, these are simply awesome.

Escape games are considered as a perfect weekend plan today guys. How long will you be going to movies on weekends? What if there is a whole new way of experiencing movies? Instead of actually watching them, you are going to live in one. 

What Makes Escape Rooms the Best Adventure?

The concept of escape rooms originated from 1st person adventure video games. Now that there are a lot of escape rooms and other amusements in India, what makes them the best?  

Uniqueness through innovation is what makes the best I would say. Escape rooms are so unique in the level of the excitement they offer through their games. They are being so cautious on that aspect. 

escape room banglore  is the best in the nation as an escape room venture. It is the only movie-based escape room in the country to be found. 

What makes Breakout the best, purely depends on what they offer to the world of enthusiasts. As mentioned earlier, it’s the only movie-based escape room. People get to encounter various adventures by resembling their favourite movie characters. You get to solve crimes like Sherlock Holmes or accomplish missions like Agent 007

Test Laboratory

Yes, escape rooms are a laboratory where you can test out your skills. 

  • Are you good at solving crimes? 
  • Can you escape from being kidnapped and killed? 
  • Can you and your crew safely rob the bank and flee without getting caught?
  • Can you find your way back in a lost jungle?
  • Are you capable of escaping from the prison without being spotted?

These are few common questions that waver in our minds often but are not really a matter of concern. Few of these are no way related to your ways of life and some might or might not happen. But what if you get a chance to test how good you guys are at it?

First-timer's guide to escape rooms in Orlando

This is what exactly escape rooms do. And a few like the Breakout give it cinematic colours because most people always associate their lives with films. Movies are considered to be a resemblance of the real world. People usually come up with these questions on watching films that portray a similar content. 

Listen up people! You are given a platform to rob a bank like the Professor from the Money Heist and this time, legally. Wouldn’t you want to give it a shot?

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