You can sit at home to shop cheap online without having to go to the place or jostle with the crowd. How can you off chance for quality products at the best prices? 

Online stores have both soft prices and promotions to attract customers, so ignoring this market is a big omission for shopaholics. If you also like to shop online, let’s find out how to learn the secret of cheap online shopping while still ensuring quality.

1. Buy cheap online at the right place at the right time

The most important cheap online shopping secret is knowing where and when to buy. When you shop at the right store and at the right time, you can get a lot of very attractive promotions and offers.

Usually, online stores will have strong discounts or promotions on holidays, Tet, Christmas, International Women’s Day… In addition, many studies show that November and January are the months that have the most promotions. In a week, Tuesday to Thursday is the best time to shop online and Sunday is the day you should avoid shopping.

Small and new brands also often have more discount and promotion campaigns than big brands. However, you should carefully research the information and reputation of these brands before buying.

2. Use your credit card for cheap online shopping

Online shopping with a credit card is quite safe and convenient. Sellers usually refund buyers using the payment method the buyer uses. In case you are not satisfied with the item and want to request a refund, the refund via card will be faster.

Before filling in your card information to pay when shopping online; You need to make sure the website and the place where you shop are safe. You should also save your payment receipt in case you need to return the item later. 

3. Chat online with the seller

Online shopping sites often have tools for you to chat online with a sales consultant, but online shoppers often rarely pay attention to this tool.

For cheap online shopping, you should take advantage of the chat function with the seller to ask for advice on the product you need to buy. Sometimes, you can even convince the salesperson to lower the price; Or give yourself a promotion to buy the product you like at a cheaper price.

4. Follow the online stores you like

You should press the button to follow some stores or brands you like, and often shop for regular updates. This store or brand will send you information when it has a promotion; discounts or new products that are just right for you. If you’re lucky, you might even get a discount code that you can use when shopping cheaply online.

You can also regularly monitor the website; Official fan page on Facebook, Instagram … of the brand so as not to miss information on discounts and promotions. To ensure the security of your personal information; You need to verify the company’s official sales website to avoid sharing personal information on dangerous websites.

In addition, you should register for membership on reputable shopping sites; or brands you are interested in to receive customer appreciation offers and promotions only for registered members.

5. Follow celebrity pages

To attract consumers, some brands have introduced websites; and their products through famous people and have a great influence on the public. Following their page or blog will help you to shop cheap online more effectively; because they often share information and reviews about products. Sometimes; These celebrities also offer special coupons and discount codes.

6. Look carefully at product information before buying

You can find many products when shopping online; But sometimes it’s hard to decide which product is best for you and what size and color to buy. To make sure you get the product you want; You should carefully review product information from material, style, size to color.

You need to pay special attention to the size when buying clothes or shoes online. If needed, you can take advantage of the sizing guide; and online support system of stores to find the right size for you.

7. Patiently looking for the right product

To be able to ensure that you get the product you want with the best quality and the most affordable price, you need to be very patient when shopping online. The secret to cheap online shopping is to make a list of the products you want to buy and then search for that product on a few different sales pages.

When searching for products on many different sales pages; you can find the page that is having a discount, promotion… at the time you want to buy the product. Moreover, you can also compare style, quality, product information; as well as the price between sites to have the best choice.

8. Take advantage of free shipping codes

Freight charges are a factor that increases the total value of your order when you shop online a lot. To shop cheaply online, you should look for opportunities to get free shipping. Many online stores always have some free shipping codes each month for you. In addition, you can also buy in bulk to enjoy free shipping.

9. Get a discount on your first purchase

If you visit a new online store and decide to buy something there; Look for the seller’s special offers for the first order. Most online shopping sites often have discount codes for first-time customers; so this will be your chance to save. 

10. Put the goods in the basket first if you haven’t bought them yet

If you want to think about and learn more about a product before you buy it, you can save it to a temporary shopping cart. From time to time, the store may contact you; to offer discounts for the products you put in the shopping cart. If you want to apply this secret, please register for an account; Register on the online sales site with your active email address.

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