What Your Brand Can Learn from These Popular Instagram Accounts

An objective worth working with as a business is to get more Instagram and Instagram followers for the content you post. With new features frequently added to the platform, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from, which will help you create interesting content that will encourage engagement and business growth. Capturing the attention of Instagram users with your content would, in turn, increase and buy Instagram followers in Canada.

Creating great content is a must, and to give you an idea of ​​how you can get to work, here are some business accounts on Instagram across industries whose efforts have grown exponentially.

Food & restaurant brands

While the delicious food they serve is the Instagram feed of this restaurant chain, what sets them apart is the highlight of the owner, Freddy. Such a strategy gives the brand authenticity and creates a sense of community.

A great way to help others connect with your business on a personal level is to highlight the important people in your business, whether it’s the owner, CEO, founder, or even employees who keep the business going. It is also a great opportunity to showcase the culture of your business. Story Highlight for official parties, celebrations, and tours certainly adds to the personal touch aspect.

Sprouts Farmers Market (@sprouts)

Sprouts Farmers Market is not shy about showcasing their products in a feed filled with rainbow colors. As a grocery store dedicated to healthy eating, it does an excellent job of using color and patterns for materials.

They typically use one shade for more than six to nine positions before moving on to the next color in the sequence. The result is a visual celebration for users who end up on their lives, automatically distracting users and gaining more Instagram followers.

Use color to set your life apart from the rest. Posts can include one or two that reflect your main theme so that the posted photo will stand out when viewed. Use grid preview to verify if your vision would feed through your grid before you decide to publish.

Matt Ad lard – Baker Topless 

Formerly known as Topless Baker, Matt Ad lard is the baking baker on Instagram whose desserts are made. More beautiful just by using incredible miniatures. His stories keep his Instagram fans interested, and his bio draws attention. To describing himself as a self-taught baker who is constantly learning new recipes.

The authenticity of his stories comes through as he records the whole process of trying a new recipe and sharing the journey as well as results – even if it’s a massive failure. His success is being driven, in part, by the fact that his creations look great. Moreover, while it seems like a prime minister to bake anything on the first try, his Stories humanize it and help his Instagram followers connect on a more personal level.

Humanize your brand through your content and share behind-the-scenes content that inspires true Instagram followers to stay on your page.

Chipotle (@chipotle)

Food pictures on Instagram are a big win, but Chipotle managed to get noticed through screenshots as well as its memes that show the personality of their brand as well as their food appeal.

If your brand has a light-hearted funny personality, your posts should reflect it too. Instead of just focusing on the visual appeal of your uploads, add some personality through the use of memes, funny photos or videos, or even screenshots from Twitter.

Beauty & fashion brands

Lush Cosmetics (@lush cosmetics)

Lush is popular not only for its products but also for its efforts towards environmental protection. They are not shy about showcasing environmentally friendly products and production processes and connect with charities that empower sustainable lifestyle choices.

Consumers are motivated today to support socially conscious businesses. So use Instagram as a platform to show how your brand is helping local. And global movements as well as charities and NGOs. You will be interested in more Instagram followers.

Tea (@tea)

Tea takes advantage of posting user-generated content to showcase their all-terrain sandals. By doing so it sheds light on all the different places where people. Wear sandals without spending a lot on material creation efforts.

Find a hashtag your customers can use, and ask them to tag your brand in pictures taken with your products. You have easy access to a library of user-generated content, and you can choose the well-lit posts for your feed. Posting user-generated content has more credibility since it shows others that users love your product.

Ring Concierge (@ring concierge)

Ring Concierge, a diamond jewelry brand, does a lot more than light up its gorgeous diamonds. To grab attention and gain more Instagram followers. They make the most of Instagram shopping features by tagging available products in each photo. Users even get to see the different uses of tagged products. Over and over again and buy the things that grab their attention.

Use the Instagram Shopping tool to showcase your products. Facilitate the shopping experience for Instagram fans, and start your growth in terms of sales volumes.

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