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Stepping Into a Digital World – Good or Bad?

The emerging digital era has taken over the lives of everyone around. This era did introduce convenient ways in every aspect: be it education, interaction, or making one socially and educationally aware. This era has done a lot which one can’t even deny. 

There are various ways to define the digital era but the most understandable and one that pops up in mind immediately when one hears the word digital is ‘’Technology’’. Technology now has become a crucial element and a center of people’s life. Almost, a large proportion of people’s life revolves around technology. Of dawn to dusk, people are immersed in this.

From waking up to the call of alarm to brewing coffee, to checking up news on television, from carrying out minor to major tasks people are entirely dependent on it. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if one says ‘’Technology has become a need of the time now.’’ 

But as feasible and convenient this element has brought in the lives of the people, it has equally brought some unannounced destructive patterns with it, that has also impacted the lives and toppled the minds of the masses and has sparked/ triggered many social issues.

In this blog post, we are going to shed and discuss both the facets of the technology-digital era.

Benefits of Living in a Digital Age:

Sweet craving, Hungry but no mood to cook? Living abroad, missing your family? Missed an important course class? These minor and many other major issues, the solution is one and that is just a click away.

No matter, how busy one’s life gets, this only element of technology remains the part of everyone’s life.

Since, the emergence of pandemic people have conformed to the importance of technology, when their life solely became dependent on this. From attending online classes or continuing work from home or getting assistance from writing services everyone has benefitted from the technology in an uncertain time.

Digital age has been doing a lot to save people’s time and money. 

Services like online banking, cab booking, booking flight tickets, online shopping. Or seeking medical health has saved folks time who are reluctant of spending their time in a long, tiring waiting line.

Furthermore, highlight the importance of the digital age would bring another important aspect and benefit of the. Digital Age is related to mapping, no matter you are heading to a new place or going for a job. Interview GPS service can pinpoint location accurately and can give you information about your destination.

Peril of Digital Era:

Frequent integration of technology has immensely inflicted on society. With that, emerging risks are being recognized with it. These risks are somehow found linked with the emergence of new technological instruments and devices.
As emerging risks of technologies are being recognized, one of the massive risks has been found around the violation of privacy.

Digital advancement has violated and disregarded the importance of privacy. Privacy has always been crucial to human beings. But as rapidly as we are proceeding and getting immersed in digitalization as vulnerable this aspect of human life’s getting. 

Prior to the digital era, an individual had all the control over their data and privacy and was able to preserve it to some extent. 

Whereas, now our perception about the privacy of life continuously gets challenged. For instance: Technologies and media now require an individual’s data frequently for different operations but it has immense ability to alter and intercept those personal data now. These personal data shared by an individual can get monetized and commoditized. And one can’t comprehend. The final consequences and idea of how their personal information can be used by states or by cooperations.

Beyond the concern of privacy, some other emerging concerns were found deep-rooted in the freedom of speech. Since the emergence of technology and social media people have undoubtedly become more aware of their surrounding issue but unlike the pre-digital era, these people have found a platform to be vocal and raise their concerns. But as beneficial as it has become this freedom of speech and expressions can lead one into trouble in a state where this attribute is not highly appreciated. 

With the rise in technological use, global communication has risen too and has increased. The trans-border data which in return has sparked the extraterritorial human rights violation.

Those and many other unprecedented digital misuse has substantially increased mental health issues among people, especially among youth. Youth has been found the most vulnerable target in the digital age. Also, their mental health along with their fitness has been violated once in a while.

Closing Remarks:

Almost every aspect of our life has now been impacted by technology. It’s the awareness of technology that can guard people against becoming a victim to the peril it carries.

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