Pinterest for Enhancing Business

Pinterest and benefits of using it

There are many internet users that are using this platform and it has given a great opportunity to many individuals to boost their business and they can be visible to a large number of new audiences and you can target a huge audience with Pinterest since with one pin you can generate 10 new pins and it goes on like that.

There are many brands in the market and they are gaining visibility and promoting their products and making a lot of profit with the help of Facebook and Instagram, however, they have now started focussing on Pinterest too, in order to make more profit and attract more audience and this platform is also gaining popularity in all sectors now. We have some facts below which can prove how the popularity of Pinterest is increasing day by day. Most people use it for digital purposes, if you need to learn it, I recommend you go for a digital marketing course.

a) Pinterest has more than 300 million Monthly Active Users Globally.

b) Almost 83% of the users of Pinterest have shopped through its links.

c) It has a great reach to the audience and targets a huge range of individuals and has a great conversion rate too.

d) Almost 8 Million Pinners are continuously engaged with auto content on Pinterest. 

Advantages of using Pinterest

a) Enhanced Customer awareness

b) Extra blog traffic

c) Generate New leads

d) Boosts sales

1. Optimize your Pinterest profile

It’s very important to optimize your Pinterest profile if you want people to buy from your brand and for that, you should make a distinctive brand image. Therefore you should have an attractive and different brand logo and make it your profile picture, and optimize as per the website’s guideline and also you should have an eye-pleasing cover page that exhibits your brand fashion.

Last but not least a detailed and precise description of your brand with your website’s URL for the branding.


2. Setting organizational Goals

You should set certain goals for your brands and decide what actually expect from all the platforms in terms of sales and revenue and in the case of Pinterest you should do the same since the high number of users are using this platform to shop and also to promote their brand your business can achieve great numbers and if you have not gained what you have expected you can change the strategy.

3. Fresh and Attractive Content

Once you have set your organizational goals the next step is to create your content strategy and people look for fresh and attractive content and it is important the content you share should be as per the needs and requirements of the customers and exactly what they want and below are the few steps you can include while deciding your content strategy as we know usually peoples use pinterest to the digital point of you why we need, how it works if you don’t know you need to learn it i recommend go the best digital marketing institute in delhi.

  • Eye-pleasing and Attractive images
  • Infographic Content
  • Inspirational Content
  • Knowledgeable and Informational Content

4. Creative Practices

After making an excellent content strategy it’s important how you’re present your content, the content you post and display on your Pinterest profile should be creative and have something different to show the audience and tell the audience. There are few things you can do o make your post look attractive and creative. Let’s have a look below. 

  • Managing a ratio aspect ratio of 2:3.
  • Content should always contain your brand logo
  • The Content you share should be in the style of storytelling¬†

5. Choose the right time to publish your post

It is also a fast-moving platform like Facebook, Instagram and in order to make your post reach a large audience and Pinterest is a platform that shares visual content can give you a large audience if you share the right time to share the post and the post can last longer on the top than Instagram.

You should share and pin the post before a particular event if you are targeting since pinners search for the products much before the occasion or event so if you are launching a winter collection you should start promoting your product in autumns. So choosing the right time to share the post is important.

6. Planning for future

A good businessman should always be prepared for the future and while making the content strategy you should always create content for a week ahead and this would help you to manage your SMM very efficiently and you can devote time to other areas too.

It’s better to make a calendar for a month and make a detailed plan of your content. And this way you can make your work easier and also your profile will be very organized.

7. Utilizing Shop the Look Pins 

If you are targeting an audience and want them to buy your products from your Pinterest page just give them an easy option. And give them a shop the look pins to boost sales for your business. And this one of the best features to generate amazing revenues for your business and make your business an effective brand. People love when their time is saved and instead of going to your website too. Buy your product they can buy the products from your profile itself.