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Opportunity for job seekers to earn with GeM

Opportunity for job seekers to earn with GeM

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Opportunity for jobseekers to Earn with Government

It is a dream of The Modi government that people become job creators instead of job seekers. The government has also run many schemes for this so that people can be made skilled. If you want to start doing business, then you can take advantage of these government schemes. Today, we are giving you information about such a business, in which you can earn a good income by starting. There is no need for any special investment in this business. It is an opportunity for the job seekers to earn with GeM

How can a person earn without special investment in the business?

A person can earn with start a business of pickle in which people no needs to invest more for this business, job creators needs only small capital and they will get benefits from this business more than the investment.

How can a person earn by starting a business of pickle?

Pickle is an element that gives life to food, without pickle the food seems incomplete,its not change the test of foods but also change the way for increase income. Pickle business can be started in any season. Pickle Making Business (Business Idea) can start from home. When the business starts to grow, then the creator can think about taking this place further and take this business forward. It does not require very thick capital. Businesses can be started only with small capital.

How much capital needs to start the business?

The jobseekers or any person can start the business with a small capital which starts from Rs. 10,000 only. It is an opportunity for the peoples to earn with the Government by starting a home business.

Where can a person sell the pickles to the Government?

Oh, don’t you know government e-marketplace, the government is one and only buyers on government e-marketplace, that government buy from the sellers. A person can sell the pickles on GeM to the government.

How can a person sell the pickles on GeM?

A person can sell the pickles easily on GeM by getting GeM Registration with all required fields.

What is the another required filed to start the pickle business?

The other required filed to start the business is every person who wants to starts the pickles business needs to take FSSAI registration.

Is Registration on GeM is enough for selling pickles? Or There are any other formality?

Yes, registration is not enough to start sale on GeM, there has an another formality due for seller , After getting the registration the seller needs to upload the pickles in the GeM product listing, under the SARAS category.

Who can start the pickle making business at home?

Every person can start pickle making business at home. The initial investment of the business can be 10 thousand rupees. At the same time, earning from the first month can be from 25 to 30 thousand rupees. This earning also depends on the demand, packing, and area of product delivery. Pickles can be sold in online platforms such as GeM as wholesale, retail markets, and retail chains.

How does this government scheme help to earn in this covid-19 terrible epidemic?

This scheme is an opportunity for the jobseekers to earn with GeM and not only for the job seekers also for the small seller and every interested person who wants to starts his/her business. It helps because the investment or required capital to start the business is on Rs. 10,000 which can be earned in the first month of the starting business.

Is FSSAI registration mandatory for pickle business?

Yes, it is mandatory for every food-related business not only for the pickles but also for another food business. It is proof of safe food. That will be helpful to more earning.

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