How to do Maintenance of Water Purifier

Maintenance of a water purifier is as important as installing it. Installing a water purifier is easy but the difficult part is maintaining it. Maintenance is the major step in long life of the purifier.

Every brand’s water purifier needs its service to be done every six months with the change of filters. Depending on the quality of water the filters need a cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

Why is it required to clean an Aquaguard water purifier?

It is not necessary to call a serviceman for cleaning the aqua guard. It can be done by you as well. In order to get clean and pure water throughout the year, it is required to clean it as well. The water quality starts decreasing as the filter of the aqua guard starts getting accumulating with the impurities which results in a less efficient filter.

The dissolved solids in the water determine when the water purifier needs cleaning. If the level of TDS or total dissolved solids increases, then clean the purifier after 3 to 6 months. If the dissolved solids are less, then the filter can be cleaned even after a year.

The right time to clean an Aquaguard water purifier

Filters are an important part of a water purifier as the entire filtration process is done by the filters. If the filters are of good quality then the filtered water is pure and safe for drinking but if the condition of the filter is compromised it might lead to receiving the adulterated water.

Usually, the filters need service every 6 months or 12 months depending on the TDS level of the water. The aggregation of TDS influences the water channels and can change the nature of the water. In this way, it is ideal if separated from cleaning you additionally change the water channels every once in a while. Another sign that will cause you to acknowledge you should clean the water purifier is the point at which the flavor of water changes.

Steps to Clean Water Purifier

  • Turn off the water supply to the aqua guard water purifier, cut the power supply of the purifier.
  • Turn off the water supply to the aqua guard water purifier, cut the power supply of the purifier.
  • If your water purifier accompanies a capacity tank, at that point channel. The water out of it before you start the cleaning method.
  • Open the top of the water purifier carefully, two buttons will be present on each side of the purifier, pressing them will open the top of the aqua guard. As it is made of plastic, in the event that you put additional, pressing factors there is an opportunity of breaking the highest point of the purifier. Additionally, if your water monitor water purifier has a represent keeping the containers, eliminate that also.
  • On opening the purifier, there will be two tubes that hold the water filters. Those cylinders are made sure about with covers. Which holds the bearing on which side to turn the covers to open them. You can open them utilizing a hard material by going it to the side. Be cautious with them as they are additionally made of plastic which can break with abundance pressure.
  • On removing the caps take out the filters using your hands preferably by a strap wrench to remove them. Eliminating the channels from the water purifier is essential to shield it from getting harmed.
  • After removing the filters, take out the limited straw-like construction that holds the channels inside the cylinder individually and place them aside.
  • To clean the water purifier, use the cleaning agents as advised. Make sure to use the right amount of dosage so that the filters are cleaned properly.
  • After the purifier is cleaned take a small cotton cloth to rub the purifier clean.
  • Take both the channels under a sink where the pressing factor of water emerging from the taps is high. Take each channel and wash them well under the water. Clean the outside of the channel with your hand and ensure that the channels are freed of the relative multitude of amassed toxins.
  •  Take the straw-like structures and pass them through the water to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Mount the straw back to its place. 
  • Close the caps of the tubes and make sure the caps are tightly secured so that the contaminants do not get mixed with the filtered water.
  • Mount the purifier back to its place and turn the power on.
  • Let the filter fill again and drain at least 2 liters of water before finally drinking from the cleaned aqua guard.