Easy Ways to Download Instagram Stories

It is the world’s favorite social media platform for a reason! Almost a billion people are active on Instagram every month and more than 500 million access the visual platform every day. Instagram hits WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter in terms of monthly active users.

On average, Instagram users upload 95 million photos and a higher number of videos every day. Given that three-quarters of the U.S. population is on this platform, some of the most popular brands prefer to have their target audience on this platform buy Instagram followers in Canada.

 You can use them to create boomerangs – the photos are like a GIF – or upload live videos that only last up to 24 hours. The Story trend started with Snapchat and Instagram is now popular. Unlike Facebook or Snapchat, Instagram offers options for creating live videos and boomerangs.

If you’re a big fan of Instagram stories, make sure you’re not alone! According to Statista, 400 million daily Instagram users were active worldwide in June 2018.

Why download Instagram Story?

The reasons could be many! Instagram is a visual, engaging platform, with plenty of irreversible and interesting videos or images. If you are a food or travel enthusiast, you may want to save the travel story with a link to reservations or the “how” video that shows a recipe.

Celebrities provide stories that may be a must for fans, or you might be interested in a brand new product showcase. Many brands use Instagram to promote products, give their services or product an ‘inside look’, show a live event, put out ‘how to’ videos or feature contests.

Other than all this, you might be interested in someone’s story. While there are no legal provisions to protect images, clips, or videos posted on Instagram, the platform provides copyright protection for original work such as music composition, pictures, photos, broadcasts, and TV shows. Terms of service allow photo downloads from Instagram, but stories cannot be downloaded directly from someone else’s account. Any material sent or downloaded should not infringe copyright law.

The only way one can download their story or images is to make their profile ‘private.’ Ensure that videos and photos are set to “private” to ensure that only approved trailers can view them. Others will need to follow along to be able to see the private photos and videos.

The content on Instagram Stories is abuse, but if you’re interested in downloading someone else’s story so you can see them anytime, there are plenty of options available.

If you’re wondering how you can save the stories, me or someone else, on your phone or desktop, read on!

Download someone else’s Instagram stories to your phone

Download Instagram Stories on Android: If you have an Android phone, you need to download ‘Story Screen for Instagram’ from the Google Play store. After installing and opening it, you need to login into your Instagram account. You can see all the stories on the main page uploaded by your fans, but if you’re looking for someone else’s story, you can use the search bar to search for the specific user. Once you find the desired user, select the video or photo you want to save and tap. The video or photo is stored in the Story Saver app folder.

Saving Instagram Stories on IOS is easy with the IG Live app. When you open the app, search for the unique username to see their active Story post. You will be able to see all active posts on their Story, whether it is a photo, video, or video with subtitles. Select the one you want to save and then click the save button to save the story to your phone. The video or photo will be displayed along with the other photos in your camera roll.

The second option is to download the ‘Reset Story’ app from the iPhone App store. Open the app, and search for the username of the specific person. Select the video or photo that you want to download. Click the download button and then the save button to save the photo or image to your iPhone.

How to save your own story on Instagram?

If you want to save your own story to your phone or desktop, here are the steps to follow:

Option 1: Download individual clips

If you have multiple photos or boomerangs and want to save one of them, here’s what you can do:

• Open ‘Your Story’ by using the “Your Story” icon located in the upper left-hand corner of your feed

• When the Story is open, click on “More” in the lower right-hand corner or the three small dots

• Select “Save Photo” and “Save Video”

• The single clip is now saved in your phone’s photo section or camera roll.

Option 2: Download various clips

If you want to download Instagram stories in their entirety for 24 hours, this is a step-by-step guide.

• Click on the “Your Story” icon in the upper left corner

• When Your Story opens, click on “More” or the three small dots in the lower right corner

• Click on “Save…” and then press “Save Story”

• Video rendering begins

• You can now get the video in your camera roll

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