Colors, Designers, Fashion and Gold. These are the first few things that cross our minds when we talk about Pakistan’s Bridal Wear but what makes it so special yet a burden for masses? Back in the medieval days of Fashion Industry in Pakistan, Parents used to save a large chunk of their earnings in order to provide Daughters with as much luxuries as they could and if one seems to be not impressed with these arrangements there was always a wild card, A sparkling, silky, heavily worked, stylish, colorful dress and ever worthy jewelry to turn critics into faithful followers of the might of host’s event. 

Nowadays, this trend hasn’t changed much but the expectations and development of Fashion Industry along with technology revolution raised the bar to such an extent that many people find themselves in a state of emergency. Loans seems to be an adequate option yet the desire to look as celebrities look like and wear these designer dresses has brought a major drift in the balance of desires and execution ratio . 

The unchecked High Prices of designer wear and Gold has played a major role in increase of psychological conditions in all especially women looking for wedlock. People sacrifice many of their wealth sources and even properties to finance a wedding which consists of nearly 20 to 35 percent of bridal wear and jewelry expenses. A simple designer dress with not much embroidered fabric costs nearly 40 to 50 percent more than same custom made local dresses. To counter this price difference Pakistanis adopted a method of using material and design of famous designers. The trend of looking perfect on social media and rich has been acknowledged by several psychotherapists as driving force behind anxiety of coping with elite of Pakistan in bridal wear race. 

Social media life and changing dynamics of the society resulted in severe rise in awareness but it came off a heavy price. There is a high price expectations and divergence from reality. This illusion has posed some other threats to mental health. Another reason which increases problems of bridal wear saga is the evil of dowry in Pakistan. 

Despite Government measures and influence of young generation this evil practice prevailed and still is practiced by nearly all. This results in a major mental breakdown among families of brides and bride to be. The solution of this problem has always been in front of us. Either go old school and design own dresses and be efficient enough to save fortune or adopt a much difficult and revolutionary change of denouncing this culture of misogynistic approach and adopt a policy of simplicity. To take things in one’s own hands there are markets in business which would be very helpful for customers. 

If one is from the city of lights Karachi, it could visit Tariq Road, Johar Town and even Zainab Market to get material and hand over designs to local shops. Same goes for the city of lively people, Lahore where Markets like TownShip and Duppata Gali are considered ideal for embroidery material and infamous Auriga and Lahore Center are number one destination for the majority to buy cloth. 

Many designers have realized this problem and to resolve this issue for their potential customers in the market they have adopted a policy of either starting a new clothing line or factions of cheaper clothes. The influence of bridal wear is not something people are new to. From our ancestors till our mothers and sisters and daughters, we have witnessed this influence on the entire event. 

Speaking of which leads us to another question have we made it a burden or the ones designing bridal wear are responsible? The answer is simple yet eye opening, it’s not the designers to be blamed entirely. The customers have demanded a lot already from these brands that to ensure uniqueness these dresses and jewelry crossed a reality check barrier. On the side of designers and brands we can say it seems as if they don’t care for all in the market and have decided to give their services to a selected group in the market. 

The unchecked profit margin has resulted in many eyebrows rising. Coming back to the second option of combating the cultural obligations, the withdrawal and disowning of these practices could result in a revolution in its own league. If People decide not to induce the burden of matching wealth and portrayal of might on other ends and expand only what’s in their budget things would result in a huge decrease of mental breakdowns and psychological disturbances. 

Less expenditure and utilizing fortune in healthy practices is highly unlikely to cause any domestic and social disputes. To ensure this change celebrities and lawmakers have to play important roles in their domain. 

From taking an initiative to make it an official state narrative, a lot could be done and a lot could be achieved. If Governments could take initiative to abolish the likes of dowry than why can’t it fuel up the campaigns of educating people in loving themselves and practice their matters under the budget without any social pressure. 

Several Non-Governmental Organizations can give assistance in awareness campaigns and educating students and parents. The impact of such campaigns would accelerate this entire process of changing approach criterion of people of Pakistan. At the moment, it’s highly unlikely to see bridal wear Industry going anywhere near success in running away from its dark origins but the silver lining in the form of current young generation might be pioneers to raise voice in changing the mentality of people and culture altogether. 
We have the ingredients; it’s only a matter of time someone gets these ingredients together and makes the best out of it. We can only hope the day will come and we all would see the best form of Pakistan’s bridal wear. Where everyone may wear according to their financial status without being judged and feeling unworthy.

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