Advantages and disadvantages of the touch screen monitor

Nowadays most of the appliances we use are equipped with touch screens, so are the modern PC monitors. They are also getting equipped with touch screens. They are not yet used commonly but are slowly getting popular. Since there are fewer companies that are providing touchscreen monitors.

This is the reason that they are not popular as regular monitors. And because of the same reason, they are expensive also.

Touchscreen monitors in India are getting popular day by day. As they look very attractive due to the latest design. And also the whole Pc setup looks very eye-catching. They are especially very helpful where tasks like drawing, zooming, scrolling.

And selecting particular things because you just have to tap simply instead of using a mouse ad keyboard.

How does a touchscreen monitor work?

The touchscreen monitor in India is often worked upon by physical contact, either with a finger or some sort of stylus devices. There are two types of touchscreens:

  • Resistive touchscreen monitor
  • Capacitive touchscreen monitor
  • Resistive touchscreen monitor: This is the basic touchscreen model. This touchscreen consists of two layers of glass which are separated by a thin layer of air. When the outer layer is touched or forced down, it makes the contact with the inner layer that produces a voltage that goes to the processor board.
  • Capacitive touchscreen monitor: In this type of touchscreen, the glass is coated with a layer of Indium Tin Oxide that acts as a conductor. The contact makes a distortion within the electromagnetism field that produces a change within a screen.

Advantages of a touchscreen monitor in India:

  • You can directly access anything through physical touch without using a traditional mouse and keyboard.
  • The whole Pc setup looks very eye-catching as it is of the latest design.
  • Some touchscreen monitors are available with multipoint touching through which single screen can be accessed by more than one person at  time.
  • It is very practical in design processes, as you can directly zoom in or zoom out on a particular point on a design.
  • You can select a particular point using physical touch which you do with the help of a traditional mouse and keyboard.
  • It acts as a space saver also because it saves the space of the keyboard and mouse.
  • Processing the direct icon becomes faster than using other devices to click them.
  • It is easy to maintain because you don’t have to maintain the keyboard and mouse anymore.

Disadvantages of a touchscreen monitor in India:

  • It is difficult to enter a large amount of data in a touchscreen monitor.
  • It could cost more than the whole setup of Pc combined.
  • They have shorter battery life.
  • While working on the touchscreen monitor you have to be very close to the screen which puts a strain on the eyes.
  • Physical buttons have better control over the touchscreen.

Points to remember while buying a touchscreen monitor in India:

  • Buy a monitor with an A frame stand which makes working with the monitor easier.
  • The monitor you buy should have a multipoint touch at once so that if more than one person is operating at a time, the screen should be accessible to all.
  • Touchscreen monitors with glass surfaces are more comfortable to use and are sturdy.
  • The touchscreen monitor if available with a matte surface makes it easier to work with by preventing surface reflection which is very irritating to the eyes.
  • The monitor should be light in weight and should be durable also to maneuver around comfortably.
  • The display size should be big for operating the onscreen keyboard efficiently.


You can buy a touchscreen monitor as it has many advantages like eye-catching, provides multi-point touch, makes the task of drawing or designing easier, you can directly access the different options, etc.

Though the touchscreen monitor has many advantages, it also has considerable disadvantages that cannot be neglected, like an expensive, strain on eyes while working, less battery life, difficult large data entry, etc. So, if you still want to buy a touchscreen monitor due to its advantages,

we have provided a quick, yet confirmational list of different companies that provide the best touchscreen monitors in India from which you can choose the best one suitable for you.